31 January 2010

Getting off the mark

Taking the first step in the world of blogging is much harder than releasing your feet from the crease. Nothing forces you to go, you can waste days, weeks, months just finding the perfect header colour or arranging gadgets. After several years, when all the things you wanted to write about lie way back in the past, you are sitting there finally trying to bosh some sort of introductory post out and it feels like giving birth to twins.

It's not the first time ever that I write about cricket, but you guys are now inside my house, sniffing in my drawers and chewing my books. Make yourself at home, take your time to click around, vote in the poll and leave me your comments, I hope you'll like it, because after all, this is for you. Many people say "I'm doing this for myself", but the question remains, why do you go public? ;)

Thanks to Sid, Purna and Maddy for talking me into believing that every mor-..., I mean, even a newb like me can have a cricket blog, as all you need is a bit of Bolly: know the basics, go out and hit the deck with love :D

Shush, Purna.

Wes :)


Anonymous said...

So how did you get interested in cricket?


Wes said...

Hello Frau, welcome to the green hell and thank you for posting the first comment (tells me the comments gadget isn't working... ah well)

Last summer I got persuaded to watch an Ashes match, the persuader was obviously hoping it would kill me, and it nearly did, as Australia scored more than 600 runs in singles in one innings*, which causes severe and irreversible brain damage, if you have only watched football and Aussie Rules before, but what doesn't kill you makes you addicted, so since then cricket has been ruining my life :D

The next big step will be to check out my surprisingly existent local team, see bottom of blog, should they ever play a match or so. Maybe in spring. But they beat the national side of the Czech Republic last year B)

*hence my email-adress ;)

Please keep checking back,

Purna said...

I'm telling you that face is saying "F..." :D

Sidthegnomenator said...

Wes, know this - no one ever EVER needs a bit of Bolly. That way madness lies.

Reverse Swing said...

So finally our Wes has a blog, how wonderful :) I know you will make it pretty big. Keep it coming.

Wes said...

Thanks Maddy I'll try my best :)

sunny said...

Well, that wasn't a stupid-o-small opening post which mine was. I just tried taking the easy way out; first posts confuse me.;)
I think you do great, just a little less domestic cricket please?

sunny said...

Oh, and Purna and Sid again who pulled you into this! *Gulps*

Wes ~ PFCNFS ~ said...

Haha thanks Sunny. I've only just started to follow the county cricket at the beginning of this season and unfortunately it is absolutely addictive...