4 February 2010

Achtung hier kommt Morne!


Indians, you may want to start praying!

Repeat after me:

"A furore Morkelmornis / libera nos Domine"

What? You only pray to Lalit Modi?

Well, then I can't help you.

Accept your fate like men.

Please note:
This is a satirical post. To my knowledge Morne Morkel does not sport a black mo. Also, there is no prayer that could protect you from the immense powers of Morne Morkel. Furthermore I do not claim that all Indians worship Lalit Modi. Because obviously
sri-bhagavan uvaca test cricket tat sat


Sidthegnomenator said...

Hehehe ... fantastic! Love the picture.

Purna said...

Are you trying to claim Morne as your own Wes?? Not happening!

Rishabh said...

All right, I give in, only because Saha's playing!

Heil Morne!