1 February 2010

Afridi my hero!

What is this fuss about the ball tampering? I don't get it. Yes he munched the ball and tried to become the biggest goat in the history of cricket but so what? He made me laugh so hard tears were running down my face. Yes I used to think he drips arrogance from every pore, I threatened to chop his arms off should he ever dare to cross them again...

... and I called him Satan for he desecrated the Redbacks pajamas with his unholy sweat, but after this fascinating display of greedy nomming I had no choice but to welcome him in my pantheon of cricket heroes. Why does this guy get a bloody two (two!) match ban??? How can people demand that he gets "... tarred and feathered and dragged through the streets of Perth attached to the back of a donkey" (*lol*@Sid), if not for the mere sake of entertainment? This is beyond me. He should have become Man Of The Match, or at least got rewarded with a fridge, or an actual apple for that matter.

Shahid my hero!
(Let's see for how long.)

The video also contains the guy attacking Khalid Latif ,
and the fattest "security" guard in the world.

Edit, I just found this, 
a post match interview in which he claims he ate it to smell how it feels 


Lou said...

One of the funniest things I've seen in ages. He's the dogsbollocks is Afridi. Cricket would be a very dull place without his boundaryless world in it.

Reverse Swing said...

Did he told you how it taste like?

I am sure very bitter and sour so much that he had to miss next to match and make appointments with Dentist to make sure his teeth doesn't wear off.

Wes said...

Hello Lou welcome, hello Maddy :)

Well it is a real problem that PK will be without him for two T20s. Well, with the right selection they might still win against England *lol* , but the prospects for the T20 against Oz aren't too rosey now.

Purna said...

I have a fridge to give him. I will stuff it with apples.

Lou said...

What was Mark Cosgrove doing as part of security at the WACA? Doesn't the Redbacks pay him enough to keep him in doughnuts? No wonder the monged spectator was able to outrun him.

Wes said...

Ahhh *lightbulb*
Well, rather a whole *chandelier*
Thanks for the clarification. That security guard was about twice his size. But I haven't seen Cossy in a while, so. Ummm.

Sidthegnomenator said...

Wes, there's a picture right here on your page - he's pretty stacked, mate.

Wes said...

His clothes are stacked. Gnmpf.