15 February 2010

Best Pakistani captain ever!

Over here Stani asks the justified question who should be the next Pakistani captain. The choice is small, the night is dark.

I have a solution for you guys:
Pick me! :D
I offer you the best qualification you could wish for, incl. added bonuses!
  • can't bat 
  • can't field
  • no clue about field settings
  • talk lots of shit in public
  • regular brain failgrz frxzt
  • no travel restrictions
  • but willing to take drugs
  • look good enough
  • hair too long
  • will perform sajda on call (put cookie on pitch)
  • language no problem Yousuf zindabad
  • bonus 1: will screech Krishna quotes at Hindu bowlers
  • bonus 2: I can smell with my feet like Stuart Broad
Deal? B)


Stani Army said...

Haha, very good. You bring a new meaning to smelly feet. You may fail on one thing though, your English is too good. Tips: give the same answer twice in a row to two completely different questions. Use 'the' before player's names e.g. 'the Broad'...and add a 's' on the end for extra authenticity e.g. 'the Broads'.

I'll just get on to baking the cookies :)

Wes said...

Why my English not bad enough? I learn well! I learn English for many years! Why they cannot teach accent? I give everything,learning well, learning everything. Why they can't teach? I think I learn well, I'm a good learner.

Stani Army said...

Shakespearesque. You fail as a Pakistani captain....'but don't they all?' I hear you ask. Hmmm

Go for England captain Wes. You'll get plenty of needless rest.

Wes said...

I'd rather go to India o_O
Unless they pay me in trifle :D

Stani Army said...

Trifle? What do I do with all these cookies then?

Wes said...

You are right, one can only fail. This is impossible for me to do. (Umar Gul)

Ankit Poddar said...


I thought it would be better to celebrate Pakistan Cricket with Afridi's captaincy than wanting to be one oneself...