8 February 2010

Dark night, big forest, many trees, Wes lost @_@

I am fully convinced Asif deserves a fourth or so chance.
UAE are fully convinced Asif deserves to stay where the pepper grows.
Fair enough. But:


Do the UAE authorities comprehend the momentousness of their decision???

Especially as:

PCB has decided that Rana should see a hairdresser, and tasked Kamran to accompany him on this quest.

I have absolutely no idea what is going on, could somebody please be so nice and illuminate me?

Mo Aamer has been picked as a reserve, obviously he isn't yet fit again, thus Razzak will return to support Blossom in the fast bowling department, while the batting has to be provided by Umar and Funky alone, as Nom Nom Afridi will miss out on the first one. Rosy prospects my friends.

The rest will be made up of A-Teamers whose stats don't really flash me, but on the other hand, what do I know about stats. Rao pops in as a reserve.

Nevertheless I am curious to see Arafat in action, hope he's fun.

However, that was a big fat Alexander Downer.

The actual squad as it is now:
Shoaib Malik (capt), Imran Farhat, Imran Nazir, Khalid Latif, Shahid Afridi, Fawad Alam, Umar Akmal, Abdul Razzaq, Sarfraz Ahmed (wk), Yasir Arafat, Saeed Ajmal, Mohammad Talha, Wahab Riaz, Umar Gul.
Reserves: Rao Iftikhar Anjum, Aamer Sajjad, Mohammad Aamer.


Purna said...

Are they stupid? Dropping Asif against England?! They won't be able to handle his reverse swing (not Maddy, the actual swing). Bring Asif back!

Wes said...

No Purna, Asif is banned from UAE because he got caught with opium in his wallet. Silly goat really

Reverse Swing said...

hahaha Poms even can't handle my fake Reverse Swing let alone Asif's (oh except Collinwood he is bloody sticker) BTW Asif can't do reverse swing enough but he is best at normal inswing or outswing.

@Wesi, sorry Wesi PCB is a big farm of big fat limbo goats, thats all.

Rishabh said...

Why do they insist on playing this cruel game with Kamran? They know, and he knows, that they're gonna go back to him, as the other keepers they bring in are liabilities as batsmen!

Wes said...

Obviously the priority is not winning the matches after this embarrassment in Oz, but it is more important to play silly kindergarten games like "You were bad, go stand in the corner!!!"
I am furious about the axing of Naved and Kamran. But what does it help. Once you think hey, they might have a chance there, bammm, their own board manages to rob them of their chances.

Stani Army said...

The hairdresser thing was your fault Wes, you suggested it.

Wasim said...


After a long gruelling tour of Australia and Newzealand PCB has given a paid vacation to few players.

It's a genius idea they will be done with all the disciplinary crap and will also try out a few eternal losers like Arafat and a few others that will ease out the pressure on the selection committee for the T20 WC who will again select the default team.

Wes said...

Wasim, welcome. I've read your thoughts on this over at yours last night. Your logic is brilliant, I also like "default team" :D

Stani if you are suggesting that I should learn to shut up - yes. ;)

Sidthegnomenator said...

Nice to know I'm not the only one who's all confused - why oh why would you drop Kamran Akmal?? Is he somehow being blamed for the debacle that was the tour of Oz? He was one of the few who really impressed ... was he supposed to single handedly win everything? Is he being punished for not being shit enough? I don't get it ...


Wes said...

Sid he said some naughty things in public and they decided it would now be the ideal point in time to give him a whipping.

Stani Army said...

Errrm, no. You could be useful. Can you suggest Pakistan are going to win all the world cups and be the top test nation within 5 years. Thanks.

Wes said...

Nah I like them interesting.