10 February 2010

Hooray we're going to NZ!

Now as the Australian home season is slowly but certainly -and luckily- coming to an end, we can raise our sore eyes again and look forward to the sun coming up behind the horizon in the form of Oz touring NZ for a rather longish and promising series of two Tests, five ODIs and two T20s.

This is something I look forward to enormously. The only time I've seen these two teams playing against each other was in the final of the ICC Champions Trophy, which posed a really anticlimactic experience to me as I was supporting Oz but felt dead sorry for the horribly injury-plagued Kiwis, who had limped through the tournament on a quarter of the leg.

But now things should look brighter, if NZ are able to have a dig in the treasure chest and pick the best players available; I really hope to see them at full strength. Just like Australia they managed to pull a speedy McKay out of the hat, and Dan already compared him to The Bond (ahem. *cough cough*).

I expect to see a lot of  familiar faces back and hopefully Bond will play in the short formats and manage not to kill himself in the first match. So here is a list of things I want to see from the Kiwis:

  • Bond, vertical, breathing without help
  • Southee taking five. Several times.
  • Tuffey ditto
  • Mills taking five, losing it, getting fined. Oh well he's probably still recovering.
  • Taylor scoring double, triple and quadruple centuries
  • Vettori centuries
  • Vettori Poisonhands
  • Vettori sets aggressive fields
  • McCullum centuries
  • McCullum totally ripping behind the stumps
  • Seventoes Guptill scoring runs
  • Seventoes Guptill taking wickets
  • Seventoes Guptill getting selected
  • Capable top order - no more Iqbals
  • Sunshine
  • No rain
  • Good weather
  • Cricket weather
  • No D/L
  • No crappy rock music


Purna said...

What about the Sumo wrestler Jesse Ryder?

Wes said...

The last thing I heard about him was that he was playing with a runner (on his comback), but got injured again... or so... I would have to lie :/ ... or look it up for you

Okay look here here, doesn't look to rosy at the moment

Wes said...


Rishabh said...

I want the ODI series to be like that time OZ made a lot of 300+ scores and the Kiwis chased them :P
Unlikely though with much better bowling attacks on either side!

Reverse Swing said...

ok well with big of a belly he is not going to improve his "lower stomach muscle injury" damm what is this injury, did anyone heard it before? SO i think no Jesse again :(

I suggest you Wes to watch last year series highlights and if Kiwis can put that kind of show this time again that would be epic.

Reverse Swing said...

Here are three of them:





Wes said...

Thank you Maddy I'm gonna look into them tonight ;)
Ryder will undergo surgery on his groin according to the latest news. So the new discovery Ingram will have to pull the chestnuts out of the fire.

Stani Army said...

Aus will now stop giving you more time to care for other teams Wes. Chances of this series going along without a 'situation'?

Rishabh, please leave me your response on the last post. I'm intrigued.

Rishabh said...

Sure Stani... take a look!

Stani Army said...

You may read my response.

Sidthegnomenator said...

Australia v NZ is so the most boring fixture ever designed. I'd rather watch Canada v Netherlands any day.

Wes said...

Hmm I'd like to see how they play on the NZ pitches now after the Aussie summer.