9 February 2010

♥ I love Oz ♥

Because they give me so much time to care about other teams. Currently there is really not a single thing about Australia worth following or looking up, not the news, not the scores, not the statements; even the line-up is back to dull, now that they have removed Smith and Tait again.

I have been accused of treachery by several people. You are not supporting Australia anymore! You are collaborating with the enemy!!!

Jeez. If your kid is at the same time the best student, the prom queen, the football captain and the school bus driver, wouldn't you think that you can pay some more attention to the kids that need getting shouted at?

For example, the kiwikid is a rather average student but at least he tries hard. Will never step out of aussiekid's shadow and thus tends to vent his frustration on the first graders, when no one is watching, literally.

The saffakid just scalped the big Indian bully in front of class, well done, applause! But he can't sing, can't draw, can't read a text. I'll have to keep shouting.

The paksiekid wouldn't even arrive at school, if I didn't chuck him on the bus every morning. He would get lost somewhere between the front door and the driveway. The report reads like this: FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFuck.

The  germankid is locked up in detention for the next 1000 or so years. It makes me cry in my sleep.

So please guys, I truly appreciate Oz being that successful, I just don't have the emotional capacities to go mad about them. Will be back to full rage as soon as they start cocking things up again. In NZ maybe?


Louise said...

I feel the same way. Bring on a collapse for god's sake.

Sidthegnomenator said...

Wes, honey, I'm out of writing ideas. I can't even take the piss out of Punter any more. We need some excitement. I think I need to start supporting Canada.

At this rate, I'll be supporting England by the end of the year.

Oh wait, no I really really won't.

Rishabh said...

It's all the Indian bully's parents' fault, they can't seem to do anyting right...

Stani Army said...

The Saffakid gets to exam time and has a panic attack having spent all his spare time revising.

The Indikid comes home and tells you his grades are better than they actually are.

And it's the Stanikid Wes! [whisper]'Paki' is a racial slur here in Britain and certain other parts of the world [whisper]

Rishabh said...

Actually, Stani, it's only a racial slur if you call anyone who isn't a Pakistani a Paki.

Wes said...

You dear people. Please to have forgiveness. How could I forget my own Pak-approved pet name creation for you guys. Pardon me please. Fixed it.
So, Rishi, how are you, everything in its place? When Ishant was facing and it went for that leg bye I started shouting warnings at him. For a minute I feared you would sneak into the 4th innings on leg byes. One fears crazy last wicket things after the England tour of SA.

Rishabh said...

Yeah, it ended the way it had to... nobody wanted to watch Smith and Prince dawdle for three overs to score the one run needed to win! Thank God for Steyn!

Wes said...

Hahah Prince would have managed to get out *lol*

Rishabh said...

Prince just can't get a break these days :P

Anonymous said...

Hi wes
as you asked. I also love oz. But I was born there by circumstance so it's not really an objective thing.
However I must ask why do you dis on German cricket so, especially with such a blog name. Don't you know we have over a 100 years of cricket tradition. Many of the first sporting clubs were cricket(torball) and football clubs. Cricket just got stomped because football was so much more lucrative. There is even a club Viktoria 1889 e.V who never stopped playing cricket. Sadly there a bunch of cheats now but that's a different story.
I'm just saying with present actual ICC funding (Yeah IPL) and the german ability to be 'pretty' good at every sport. I estimate in 20 years at least Ireland, Scottland and Holland will be our bunnys. Of course we won't have a chance against the future number 1 Afghanistan.
Der Schatzmeister

Wes said...

Hallo "Schatz" :P

You are a born Australian? Okay this is the second time that you knock me out. I thought you were Dutch. For some reason. Anyway, welcome :)

I do, for a change, know about the long tradition, also about Viktoria, the name rings a bell, this was something I had read up on already. Also there is something you should know, I am itching to write a post about German cricket.

Problem here is, as told elsewhere, that it is nearly impossible to get any info as the DCB website is absolutely laughable and I have not come across a lot of other info so far. The last thing in the news was, IIRC, the Tri-nations tournament against Belgium and France (correct me if I'm wrong), where we didn't quite manage to grab the trophy but did pretty well otherwise. But I don't know how to make a post of that really, as all the info is gone and most of the time you read about indoors cricket mainly. Yes I know there is ICC funding in Europe but where exactly does it go?

The other thing is that cricket needs an enthusiastic population as a support IMHO, people need to come and see the matches, as it is the case in all the countries that have teams at the top. We were not a part of the Empire so this sets a natural limit to the flourishing of cricket in our country unfortunately, and I think it will mainly remain an immigrants thing.

But! This doesn't mean we can't be successful. However, I would like to ask you not to consider this blog a sort of official embassy of German cricket. It is a place to frolic about, to take the piss out of everyone and everything, and rant about my favourite international teams, and compared to those, Germany is unfortunately sitting in detention, but as you wrote it doesn't mean we can't emerge from there. Detention means having to practise a little longer than others ;)

So please don't take it so personally if possible, this blog is really just a fun thing and also the cult about Yousuf and his motto has to be taken with a grain of salt although of course there is a lot of truth in it and I utterly appreciate his attitude and spirit.

Haha although it makes me giggle that you think we can own Holland in the future. Hmm I am really curious to see how this is panning out. At Purna's I predicted Germany will be Test No. 1 in 2040, of course jokingly, but reading your oracle now I must say, who knows, you have much better insight :D

Thanks for popping in, und falls du als Insider Lust und Zeit hast, mal einen kurzen Abriss über das deutsche Team zu schreiben, formlos versteht sich, dann würd ich das hier liebend gerne veröffentlichen.


Reverse Swing said...

oh our poor Wes explaining everything again but how many time you will be explaining all this? A suggestion: Write a post containing a those points and what is this bog about, German cricket etc and PUT a big BOLD link somewhere for people who obviously are in too hurry to comment

Well I thought he is German and also why all German are Anonymous lolz (no offense).

Great post can't think of a thing to add to it ah me!

Anonymous said...

I kid, I kid, I joke, I joke. I must admit to somewhat faking my outrage, I find it funny to play the insulted leberwurst. You are right with your assessment that it's a mainly immigrant sport. The only photo I've seen of the national team showed a group of guys that could have easily been mistaken for a sub continent club team. The great viktoria team even after over a hundred years has as far as I know only one active german born player at the moment. However even though the DCB's website is shit, as you said, they are actually doing quite a bit right now especially for the kids. There are underage national teams with training camps for them and the DCB hands out good money for equipment to teach kids the game. At the same time more and more clubs are popping out of the ground. Basically the game is really starting to take off at the moment. So there is hope.
We even have a weird fishy group who want to start a cricket branding. It seems the Royals haven stolen their idea. Check out Cricket Pool Berlin.
For the record I lived an Australia for little more than 2 years, what I am trying to say is I play cricket like the German that I really am. Very badly.

Der Schatzmeister

Stani Army said...

And how's that Rishabh?

Wes said...

Maddy I was already looking into this subpages thing (like you have on Reverse Swing) but will probably only do it if I'm running out of space in the sidebar. Tabs at the top will mess up the appearance of the blog, so it will require figuring out this sidebar mode, no problem though. I think the purpose of the blog is pretty self-explanatory... but I wish more people would listen to that press conf...-, pardon, sermon, to understand the doctrine better B)

SchMei, I will check out the Pool, thank you for the info, I think what also helps to get kids interested is watching matches on TV, which is another desert area in Germany of course. How quickly you take fire watching really good cricket, it's amazing.
Well I think the number of clubs (also) grows along with the number of immigrants and their descendants, it's a logical thing. Agreement on Afghanistan.

Rishabh said...

Well, Stani, 'Paki' is short for 'Pakistani', isn't it?

It's pretty well known that one form of racism against any South Asian (Indians, Pakistanis, Bangladeshis, Sri Lankans, etc.) is to generalise them all by referring to them as 'Paki'. A Pakistani shouldn't really be offended by that, since they actually are Paki, right? But other nationalities wouldn't take too kindly to being generalised like that!

Stani Army said...

You really shouldn't be so concrete in your opinion of things you do not know about. Not only is it dangerous for you (not knowing what is right and what is wrong), it can also be hurtful to others (me in this case). Just because 'Paki' is short for Pakistani, does not mean it is not insulting or racist to Pakistanis. This would be very much a simpleton's point of view.

I was born in Britain. I grew up in Britain. I have experienced racism here and I know what constitutes racism. I have lived it, IN CONTEXT. If I say 'Paki' is a racial slur, then it is a racial slur because the word was made to be used in a racially insulting way TOWARDS PAKISTANIS and has been used that way ever since. It has since also been used for other Asians (eg Indians, Bangladeshis) but this is because of the fact that racists, by definition, are ignorant and stupid so they are not able to differentiate between us, let alone, God forbid, work out more racist words. This does NOT mean that 'Paki' is NOT a racial slur towards Pakistanis. It was made for them and is associated with hatred and intolerance.

To make it easier for you to understand; the word 'Aussie' has not been associated with hate and discrimination so calling an Australian an 'Aussie' is fine. The word 'Paki' was thought up to be used in a racially discriminative context. It has things associated with it which are not fine. Just ask Prince Harry, he'll tell you (http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/7822883.stm)

So your argument: "A Pakistani shouldn't really be offended by that, since they actually are Paki, right?" really is flawed and and lacking in a developed thought process. Your assumptions along the way and obstination cannot have helped you in this. I appreciate you may not have known what I have just told you, but once again I reiterate, you should not hold such strong, inflexible opinions on things you do not know about.

Rishabh said...

Sorry about that! I'm not really being 'concrete' and 'obstinate', but I wasn't aware of the degree of usage of that word as racism in Britain... I've lived in Dubai all my life and it's normal to call a Pakistani a Paki for short, they even do it themselves! I've never faced the sort of racism you speak about, so I've never really had to explore it.

I think it's shameful that the word can be used with hate. Sorry if I offended you, but different places have different norms - it's nothing do with being a 'simpleton'.

Stani Army said...

Don't worry about it. I know you live in UAE and understood you didn't know, as I understood Wes didn't know either. It was why I explained in my original comment the it was a racial slur in Britain. Rather than say people were being racist, I simply explained what it means because I understood they (Wes, and you) did not know. But, you said I was wrong. But I'm glad you now now as it's better for you and me.