11 February 2010

Ijaz Butt deserves praise!


I know, it is incredible, but wonders have not stopped happening in ancient times!

So, obviously he and Wasim Bari have been in negotiations with the USACA and agreed on a long term cooperation in terms of hosting Pakistan matches, starting with a T20 series over in the States later this year. This move will of course benefit the development of cricket in the USA but more importantly it opens up another great opportunity for Pakistan to play more international cricket of hopefully all different sorts!

Okay this was the official version

As usual, Ijaz Butt hides his true devilish motivation between the lines. Let me help you unveil it: 

Another thing Butt kept silence about: 
This agreement is obviously nowhere near the end of Pakistan's unstoppable expansion around the globe; in about two weeks we will see the headline:
2011 Pak vs Aus in Germany

I will arrange for Yousuf Our Good Mentor And Utterer Of Wise Words to give us a sermon in a prominent place, Theatre Square springs to my mind. Be there!


Sidthegnomenator said...

I thought the GnomeNATHor was a typo ... then the penny dropped ... nice one, Wes.

Wasim said...

Ejaz Butt has become the punching bag for the world.
Playing in Usa and exploring opprortunities other than Dubai were always on the cards, Asif's case has nothing to do with it. It's all about $$$$$

Wes said...

Ah Wasim let me have a little bit of fun hmmm... the bitter truth is for bloggers like you :P

No seriously just making a bit of fun ;)

Stani Army said...

O God, this means we'll have to start using the word 'zone' for all the different fielding positions.....and 'runs' will now become 'points'.

Sidthegnomenator said...

And can you imagine the team names ... I think you should have a competition, Wes. See who can come up with the best name for the USA team.

Wes said...

You mean, something like
"Wild West Failers" etc?

Stani Army said...


...except that it's WWE now of course.