26 February 2010

Kiwis on the grill

Hmmm now that was a nice little barbie accident the Aussies made of this match, scorched bits of meat scattered all over the lawn when the NZish backyard exploded. My hope was that after the dreary Aussie summer the NZers would put up something like a fight. So I am a little bit disappointed now by their batting performance. Mitch back on fire, Nannes playing instead of Harris and Taito chipping in with two scalps as well as Watson. What else do you want? Better luck next time @Chris. I stand corrected on my assumption that Ritz could play a role in this match. I still think it will all look a little different in the tests although my confidence is slowly eroding.

No Bond, no glory.


Rishabh said...

Very one-sided, this. Aussies and their pacers!

btw, aren't tags part of every post? maybe you can disable them in 'edit posts'?

Wes said...

Rish, will this not make them disappear entirely? I just don't want them to be displayed...will look into it, thx

Vettori!!! I just saw it:
4 overs for 13. Oh boy bring the tests on!!!!

Reverse Swing said...

Aussies shaping up for T20 WC so this year they might not be thorwed away in first round by Windies :P

BTW, they are with Pakistan in Group A and Bangladesh as third team , damn

Cricketfiles said...

Australia's team if it played to it's full potential will win the next T20 cup.

But don't forget that their batting line up is relatively inexperienced and the conditions in WI are more close to the subcontinent a low bounce will not help the fast bowlers and they will miss quality spinners in their line up.

Sidthegnomenator said...

As much as I want him to play (he was impressive in CLT20), I'mnot sure there's a place for My Ritzy in th T20 side. It isn't such a huge deal, he should be concentrating on ODIs and tests - but frankly, I want the eye-candy so Clarkey needs to give.

I have also now said several times that I don't think there's a place for Mitchy on the T20 side, either. I was clearly very very wrong. As soon as I say bad things about a player, he does good.

So let's try this:


Let's see if that sorts things for me.

Stani Army said...

Grilled Kiwi? I've never tried that before.

Sidthegnomenator said...

It's not to be recommended, Stani. It leaves an unpleasant aftertaste. And Shane Bond is all stringy, I hear.

Wes said...

Sid don't worry, Mitch just had this "once-in-a-while" sparkling innings. I'm confident he'll be chucking his wide range of pies soon again.
Speaking of Bond, stringy? He's grown a belly.