25 February 2010

New Zealand getting played by Redbacks (and the whole minor rest)

Jaaa! Jawollllll!

Only a few hours to go, it's finally starting! The Australian selection allows for some very interesting combinations! It's true, I can't stand Harris but what about Harris-Nannes-Tait?  ^^ Cricinfo suspects Mitch-Nannes-Tait-Chris-Smithkid. I say boring. Let's try the above.

It will be a great experience for the little ones, too. Smithy and Chris should take some info from it. But it won't be that easy for Smith to pull off his rippers at the boundary; while Watson and Warner will be rubbing their hands. And probably also their feet.

So Nathan Hauritz got kicked out of the T20 squad again? I am not up to date.

The real Hussey received the call and I would love to see him, it's unlikely, but my humble self watches cricket for the sake of entertainment, and Muss does belong into the showman category as of late. Better than Yawn Marsh anyway. So as you can see this is already exciting me muchly before the first ball has been bowled.

On the NZ side the suspicion is going about that Timmy gets dropped, understandable, you wouldn't think of going in without The Bond or Tuff. Hope to see him back in the Tests.

The interesting thing is that NZ are stuffed with people who will have to play an allrounder sort of role, Vettori, Guptill, Oram. Vettori may count as a bowler but as usual they will need him to bat for his life. The other guys I expect to score significantly are Taylor of course, Guptill as well as McCullum, and Tuffey will not go down without a fight. Can't say anything about the openers, Ingram has started off well, but they will have to withstand Australia's superduperquicks. Difficult. Hopkins is a blank page to me, Oram seems a bit off the track at the moment (says the grapevine), but obviously he appears a lot more useful and experienced than Southee, especially batting-wise.

Australia on the other hand fields some faux allrounders... I do not really see the batting genius in Smithkid yet, and Clarke's bowling went a bit into the pants the last time, as we say over here. So Oz does basically consist of specialists, but those bees will sting painfully, while NZ really need their bowlers to be able to hold a bat.

But what do I know about cricket.

Okay, so


Preview 2:  ((( Kiwis have round butts )))
Preview 1:  Hooray we're going to NZ!

Hauritz is actually in the squad and now I am not so sure anymore about Smithkid. Hauritz is way more experienced and battle-hardened, and he knows the NZers, but maybe the selectors rate Smith's legspin higher, but I can't imagine. Ritz can bat, not sure if Stevie is able to deliver under such pressure. But I know nothing.


Reverse Swing said...

Cool i can easily comment using my mobile n opera mini nice,

well aussies r stil tryng 2 find their best 4 T20 Wc they r tryng new one n an almost seprate t20 team

kiwis just want their key players to fire

Rishabh said...

Tait-Nannes-Mitch-Harris, four quicks to get the batsmen hopping and Stevey just for the variety. I could watch a whole day of that!

Wes said...

Maddy, glad you have a phone that works *ducks and covers*

Well they played Tait-Nannes-Mitch... sometimes bad wishes come true :P

greyblazer said...

The Kiwi batsmen had no clue against Tait, Nannes and Johnson. Australia just look too strong for the poor Kiwis.