20 February 2010

Pakistan break the chains!

And it wasn't Afridi but Rabid Razzaq (46 of 18 - lol), nicely accompanied by Fabulous Fawad (who else).

This is a sigh of relief for the Pakistanis, who went through hell for ten matches; now they know they can still pull it off, even if Nom Nom fails. Absolutely fantastic performance by the middle order, all that's left to do is:

-Kick Nazir
-Kick Sarfraz.

Really a T20 team cannot afford a WK that can't bat, especially if he also can't keep, and the openers suck big time.

I will leave it to the rest of the internet to get wet about Swann's and Shahzad's bowling, there will be 10,000 blogs doing the job better than me... and being more inclined to the English.



Reverse Swing said...

I missed it I missed it I missed it and they won it damn damn damn.

Should I miss all of their matches, please no! Well actually they only were winning once I started watching it live when Razzaq the man came in :P

Rishabh said...

Razzaq - Whaddaplaya! Definitely outshined KP there!

Wasim said...

I thought I was the only one who didn't liked Sarfraz's keeping, he was Ok in the test match in Austrlia but in these two matches he gave too many bye's.

There was nothing special about Shahzad's bowling but Swann was damn good.

Sidthegnomenator said...

Razzaq was fabulous - it was an awesome finish! That last 6, he didn't even wait for it to land ... he just started walking off, cool as you like.

Good stuff.

Stani Army said...

Boy was Razzaq angry for some reason. We should p him off more often!

I think Shahzad will improve...if he's given a chance that is and is not dropped like Ravi Bopara was for people like Denly.

Fwawd is beginning to take his opportunities in the side. Good form him and thus, good for us.

Wes said...

Well I don't care about Shahzad (yet), but as everybody was wetting themselves I thought hmm there must be something about him.

Forgot to mention Arafat, he did his job. Also forgot someone else but can't remember now.

Umar saw some light again. I still think sometimes he clubs his brain for six, especially when being partnered by Afridi.