16 February 2010

Seventoes fails again

Some of you might know that I have a little Guptill cult going on.
Whenever he achieves something I feel this weird evil joy arising inside me and my face splits into a burnsish grin and I think "Hehehe Seventoes hehehe".

But today, that was nothing.
That's 200 minus 11.
A double Twatto from the textbook.
I am embarrassed for him, his family, his team.
He is a disgrace to his country.
I have no words for this.
And let's not talk about Brendon "4 short of a Guptill" McCullum.
He should get dropped along with the entire top order.
McIntosh, Watling. I feel an old, raw, prehistoric wrath boiling whenever I see these two names written somewhere.

In fact, NZ should play completely without any openers and instead add two tailenders to the lineup. In all matches that I followed Tuffey scored about 25 times as many runs as both openers together.

Any positives so far?
Jacko took 5.

  Rubel "Thriller" Hossain earlier this year against Sri Lanka


Rishabh said...

Wow, Thriller does look like Jacko in that pic!

And you're very fond of Dhoni, don't you like batsmen who look good when they bat? :P

Wes said...

Actually I'm more the bowling sort of person. But Dhoni is cult for the way he says "the others".

Reverse Swing said...

Gupi surely missed a chance to decorate his stats by making it 200+ against struggling tigers.

Rishabh said...

"The others" - he really emphasized that!
I think Guptill's too talented to want his highest score to be against Bangladesh, no offense to them, it should probably come against strong teams like Australia or, you know, India :)

Wes said...

Oh please guys don't spoil it for me, when will he ever get 189 again *lol*

Lou said...


You'll have to go to about the third shot, unfortunately Baps Bracken is the first up.

I didn't want to post it on Sid's site in case she banned me for civil disobedience.

Mr and Mrs Hodge are a very cute couple as well.

Purna said...

HAHA! I am proud of my Jacko!

Reverse Swing said...

Best couple, Shane Watto and Alen Border, no?

Where is Bracken himself? Hiding in washroom?

Wes said...

Maddy check out Sid (Dustbin) for the pics of the complete couples ;)

Watling went out for 1. No he didn't get killed by a mystery ball. He got run out. McIntosh ends the day on 5 (we know what this means).

Someone please put an end to this.