16 February 2010

Spiderbatsman prevails!

Michael Klinger
State Player of the Year Award - 2009
State Player of the Year Award - 2010

Well done my friend.
The Redbacks would have been shot without you on innumerable occasions. It was a good move to move, eh? :D
Nuff said.

* * *


Stani Army said...

...it does make you wonder what the poor guy has to do to get the rest of those stumps.

Lou said...

Klinger can go to hell though as far as the selectors are concerned, they'll still pick wee Phil before they let Klinger anywhere near the Oz team.

Wes said...

Lou thanks for the link, she's nice hmm? Apart from her and Brat, the last time I saw that many fake blonds in one place was in the Playboy Mansion Show @_@

Looks like I have to attach a Klinger campaign to the Cossy one, it worked with Parnell so let's give it a try.

Stani, didn't occur to me but now that you say it *lol*

Lou said...

Yep, she and Haury look good together.

So many of the women look like they have been produced out of some design lab. Actually Shane Watson looks more like that than Lee Furlong.

Stani Army said...

It's not funny Wes. How would you feel getting half a world cup? He should take it back and ask for a complete set. I'm certain that when he is old and playing with his grandchildren in the living room, little Michael will say "Grandpa, where are the rest of those stumps?". Little Michael and Stani; great minds think alike.


greyblazer said...


Just have a look at my blog.


Wes said...

Hehe. And what would also be interesting to know, can you actually take the bails off or were they welded on? This would disappoint the grandchildren additionally.

Stani Army said...

Haha! Yes, they'd say "so this is why you made so many runs!? Small stumps for the bowler to aim at and bails that didn't fall!"