28 February 2010

Stop! - Timmy time.


Timmy 1:

Eventually all of my campaigns come to fruition. Tim Southee got included  for the unlucky Tuffster and boy he heeded the call. When he was bowling the 17th over I completely lost it. Leeesque precision and nerves likes ropes. Cherry on top of the cream: he received the responsibility to keep Oz from scoring in the super over, delivered another outstanding performance and won NZ the match. Hopefully this on-and-off selection policy will come to an end and he gets called up more regularily now.

Taito on the other hand crumbled under the pressure and his mitching about was a bit hard to watch. IMHO Clarke had suffered a total brain lapse, any other bowler would have been more suitable for the job.  My pick would have been Watson, alas, he wasn't playing, I think coughcoughharriscoughcough has nerves so he would have had to do the job for me. Dussey lookin good, too.

However, the Kiwis won because they were in possession of Brendon Whattheheckwasthat McCullum. The man with the most vomit-inducing tattoo ever did not only step up and fulfill my prophecies but he slayed.  Retarded monkey laughter over here when he played his mindboggling scoop shots. He so deserved to break Chris Gayle's record, life is not fair. My respect for the little man has been growing continually but it's been a while since he was able to pull off a match-deciding knock. I'd be utterly thankful if the one New Zealander who reads this blog could enlighten me on the question why McC wasn't keeping? Hopkins was okay but the game clearly missed the rippers.

Another thing: I hereby call for UDRS in all formats. The assumption that umps only fred things up in tests does not appear logical to me and is, obviously, wrong.

Timmy 2:

T-Paine kicked some Vic butt and won the FR Cup nearly single-handed. The Vics have now lost the FRC final four times in a row, incl. three home defeats. I loled.




Rishabh said...

Some teams now have this idea, that having a specialist keeper in to keep allows their first-choice keeper-batsman to bat more freely. Sri Lanka does it. Of course, even with Karthik in the side Dhoni doesn't give up the keeping.

Wes said...

Rish, yes, but it sucks! I want McKeepum. Hopkins can't replace him. It's like Kamran/Sarfraz. Not the real thing. Although, of course, Hopkins actually knows which way to hold a bat.

Yes Dhoni should field. In fact, he should bowl. The world needs to see more of these ears. Is Karthik not regarded a good batter? I seem to remember an amazing scorecard of a domestic match before the tests, which made me wonder why he is not in the side.

greyblazer said...

I didn't see this match so I don't know what to say lol! Southee seems to have bowled a great over but Tuffers has been reasonably good since his return. He actually bowled better than his figures suggests in the first match.

I don't have much hope for Hopkins or McGleshan. Hokpins isn't a good keeper either but if NZ are so much after a specialist keeper they may look to poach someone from this great England's wicketkeeping merry go round!

Rishabh said...

Wes, it's not exactly like Kamran/Sarfraz... they don't really intend to replace B-Mac (forever), but apparently Hopkins was in as a specialist slogger as well as keeper - these Kiwi batsmen certainly know how to innovate!

Oh Dhoni can bowl alright, check out http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WKRhZKSXDkM

Reverse Swing said...

did I asked too much? I am just asking for some godamm time to watch some pending highlights and not even asking for more time to write posts but only some fun time?

will be back after getting this damn time :P

Lou said...

Little Timmy Paine is so cute.

Wes said...

Rish, so obviously their plan worked, Hopkins did a good job.

Greyblazer I replied over at yours.

Lou I need to apologise for not honouring Cameron White's innings enough. After submitting the post I had this nagging feeling that a lot was still missing ._.

Maddy take your time, you will kill yourself one day o_O

Ian said...

Tim Paine is a little Champ! I really hope he can keep up the good performances so he always stays in the selectors mind. He is a great performer for Tassie.

I don't think the guy is ageing though. Going to 50 and he'll still look the same.