18 February 2010

Why Harbh is the Satan of spin bowling

He is Punter's nemesis.

He kills Morne but doesn't get struck down by lightning.

He has a goat hoof.

He makes people weep in their pants.

I smell satanicness even when it's half a world away. And Harbh smells like the devil's grandmother.

He has 666 tattooed on his forehead, hence the turban.

He couldn't tempt Hash just like he couldn't tempt Jesus in the desert.

But first and foremost:

 He impertinently admits to it:


Rishabh said...

"Makes people weep in their pants" hahaha

Appropriate picture too!

greyblazer said...

Lol! but the Satan of spin couldn't lay his hands on Amla.

Wes said...

A proper welcome to you greyblazer.

Exactly (Hash=Hashim). Hence the analogy :P