27 February 2010

Yes Sir, I can doosra!


Little Bangladeshi girl shows Stuart Broad her doosra.

More pics of future Deshi national players
and happy English honeycakehorses
on their mission against hunger can be viewed

You can also take a look at this gallery,
which explains some of the main goals of the 
World Food Programme in Bangladesh.


Where were Colly and the rest of the English noses?
He and other players visited the 
Acid Survivers Foundation in Dhaka.

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And for a minute the bloody Poms 
appear a little less bloody than usual ;)
The more I am angry at Strauss for pulling out.



greyblazer said...

If it was Kp who had said he wants to rest like he said last year he would have been hounded by the media but Strauss can do that.

It is good to see the players involved in good causes though Flower may like to take young Bang children who can bowl that doosra to England to make it more of a UNO team.

Purna said...

these giants are scaring the daylights out of the children...

Sidthegnomenator said...

I'm surprised Colly was there and not off playing golf with those wooden clubs; and that top picture ... sorry, which is the girl? Oh, the one with the ball ... got it!

Wes said...

Greyblazer, I think unlike Strauss KP still counts as "rested" and he did not exactly cover himself in merit in SA, so I think the hounding would have been justified. While Strauss really had a workload behind him. It was just not the right point in time I guess.

Sid, Colly was sure the first to shout me me me when they got asked who wants see the acid victims. I am sure he knows the situation he had manoeuvred himself into.