9 March 2010

••• Bingle's bingles ••• [don't click if under 18]

The announcement of the Test line-up is delayed.

Clarke can't be frickin' serious???

At first I assumed Lara Bingle was so upset because a picture of her bingles had leaked (ha ha) onto the net. But Google informs everybody who wants to know it that her breasts had already spread all over the interwebs before. Photoshopped breasts. Goodlooking breasts. Paid breasts.

So what is the fuss about and why does Clarke regard it as rush-home-worthy as a death?

For this shot [attn, uncensored, but doesn't contain any more or less nudity than any other Bingle shot] she didn't get any make-up, Photoshop, or money. In fact she looks as unflashy as any other woman who is taking a shower in what she believes to be private. Now she feels violated for being caught like this in the shower of a married man, says she had trusted him, who was just then betraying his wife with her, sues him and rewards the magazine that published the pic with an exclusive interview on the matter for a six-digit sum, which she is going to to donate to charity.

(This applause is directed at her new manager.)

Yes this is as ridiculous as it sounds and one can understand that Michael Clarke had to fly home to put an end to this with a cane.

Australia again didn't give a tit about it and steamrolled NZ.
Get it, Mr. Bingle?


Reverse Swing said...

hahahah Wes in action, this is great and totally disgusting from Clark and Binglo Jinglo's perspective.

Look like Aussies boys reading too much Hollywood page 3 scandals, Bracken's wife is on some awful dress campaign, Mitch GF has issues with Mitch Mom and Bingle is always making sounds like Bangles here in South Asia.

Sidthegnomenator said...

Is that it? That is what Pup flew home for? The guy needs to get his priorities sorted.

Lou said...

So funny Wes, well done.

Rishabh said...

"Don't click if under 18" is like a flagpost for everyone under 18 to click on it, lol.

Wasim said...

She has a big head:))

Wes said...

Thank you guys for the nice comments :)

Rishabh, o rly *lol*

Rishabh said...

Speaking as a former U-18er, of course :)