6 March 2010

∙°º○. The Birth Of The Venus .○º°∙

You all know the ancient myth about the birth of the Venus, who arose from the sea foam?

It is a blatant lie.

  •  It was the birth of the Ritznus.
  •  The Ritznus is male.
  • The Ritznus is not the god of love (although some might argue), but the god of spin bowling.

How could anybody blame poor Scotty Styris for surrendering to him?

    "If Hauritz like this, I think we deserve to loss."
    -The Mentor, Sermon 29JAN10

    Credits to Sid for pointing the snapshot out to me.


    Lou said...

    Where did you get that photo from? It's a corker.

    Wes said...

    Sid showed me, it's at Zimbio ;)

    Rishabh said...

    That is... stunning?

    Sidthegnomenator said...

    I think it's scary ... the other one is lurvely though ...

    I want one!

    Wes said...

    That's quite a bit of chicken sandwich there on the hips :P