13 March 2010

The Chappell-Helmet Trophy...

... goes to Australia! The helmet truly emerged as the symbol for the most memorable moments of this series: the Johnson-Styris conflict and umpires from the maw of hell. Oh yes and Bingle almost sounds like helmet as well.

It wasn't quite the mother of all dead rubbers (that was 6:1, and I am still raging mad at them for losing the last battle), but nevertheless the entire match seemed to be pervaded by a strange melancholy; for a long time NZ didn't look like winning, Oz had already won anyway, Ritz got belted with oomph, and Iron Tuffey fell last ball. NZ seriously need to work on relieving their tailenders of the scoring duties.

At one point the Oz bowling looked like this:

Tehehe. However, even though it looked so, NZ did not get all out, and "with a little help from my umps", who only paid back what they owed the Kiwis, the Men In Black could salvage some pride and somehow got Oz out for 190. I still don't really understand how this could happen, my guess would be a similar dead rubber tiredness as in 6:1.

Blablabla. And now it's time again to declare...

Timmy Time! :D

Four big fat Greek wickets: Cam White, The Muss and the Mitchbitch, as well as poor Voges -who is capable of doing a heaps better job than this- with a bit of assistance from Asad Rauf. It is really hard for such a young guy, who feels the hope of the NZ fast bowling department resting on his shoulders, to maintain a reliable consistency throughout all matches, but the way he sparkles leaves me optimistic. I think doing a Ritz and "fixing his allrounder action" incl. dropping down to 11 takes a lot of pressure off him, or maybe that's just me tilting over to the bowling side of things again.

And how can we forget El Bond! The little belly seems not to pose an obstacle to him, Bond runs in and takes out. Amusingly, he sported a priceless sequence of facial expressions after being granted the head of Punter.

And this is now the cue for me to shut up and leave you with the shot of the match:

See you in the tests!



Rishabh said...

The next new shot after the Dilscoop - the headscoop.

Lou said...

Ha, ha, that was funny. Even the Kiwis were giggling at getting that freebie.

I will never again in my lifetime see MJ bowl 2 overs at the death overs for 3 runs and one wicket.

His miracle patch has come and gone.

Wes said...

Rishabh, yes it should be "headscoop", because headshot was already invented :P

Lou don't give up hope. His recently discovered a-holeness might take him to new strengths.