14 March 2010

A choice without a choice

The artificially inflated fuss about the captaincy of the Pakistan T20 team has reached a new level. The PCB has announced four contenders that are competing for the job:

  1. Butt: no
  2. Misbah: meh, does not emanate great authority, but is an old warhorse with ok stats
  3. Afridi: a disgrace to the spirit of the game, blatant pitch tamperer, ball tamperer, blackmailer, and overrated batsman, whose presence on the wicket tempts his partners into playing retarded shots. Has no clue about the difference between leadership and impertinence. Rewarding such behaviour by granting him the captaincy is like making a German catholic priest leader of the boyscouts: WRONG. It's in the hands of the PCB to decide if the pig inherits the farm. But be aware of the signals it sends out. To the worldwide audience, to the Pakistani players and the cricket youth.
  4. Razzaq: brain + batting style + impressive form + anger 

Issue solved, case closed, stop fussing about.


Rishabh said...

This is going to be really tough - they need someone who's going to be around for a while and who has a regular spot in the side in all formats - Butt is as uncontroversial as you could get and this could get him a decent run in the team, he deserves that. He couldn't captain worse than MoYo, really.
Afridi isn't for Test cricket, plus his other baggage.
Misbah isn't in the team in any format besides T20, and he's old-ish.
Razzaq is another decent option, more realistic.
Maybe a bowler should be captain - like Umar Gul, but he's injured a lot. I've never heard anything from Ajmal either.
This should be very interesting.

Wes said...

Wait a minute, I thought the discussion was only about the T20 captaincy now. In general I think an Australian solution could be useful for Pakistan as well. (separation of T20 captaincy from the other formats)

Rishabh said...

Oh. Well yeah, in that case, like you said, "Issue solved, case closed, stop fussing about", lol.

Wasim said...


There are some other factors involved of which the outside world is not very familiar with.

Afridi enjoys huge support from half of the country, his supporters will not sit quiet unless he is made the captain and will derail the captaincy of any other captain with in three months through nonstop jingoistic propaganda and criticism.

We saw it happen during Malik's tenure, a little bit during Younis Khan's tenure and then again during Yousaf's tenure.

I agree with you Afridi is an over rated player especially as a batsman. He can also lose control over his sanity we all know that, but he is an excellent bowler, extremely energetic on the field and very popular amongst players.

If he is made captain he will only play lead in T20's and Odi's, I think he will do a decent job.

Razzaq no doubt is a good player but only for T20's he is not an automatic choice in all formats especially Odi's and test matches just because of that he gets ruled out.

Misbah and Salman should not be even considered.

I think now that Butt has again created four candidates for captaincy, he should make Misbah the test captain and Salman his deputy, and Afridi the T20 and Odi captain with Razzaq or Salman as his deputy.

Maz said...

Afridi is the man for the job cos :

1) He has captained 3 T20s and Pak have won all of them under his leadership.
2)His personal performance rises when he is captain, he bats more responsibly and becomes more self-motivated.
3) He energises the team. He has the credentials to pump up his troops.
4)He may be brainless and do some shocking things, but he has already been dealt with and punished by the ICC and PCB. It is unlikely that he will be indiscipline again. We should forgive him, he himself was ashamed of his actions. He has been humiliated by supporters mocking him, commentators taking the" mikey" out of him etc. It's time to move on.

However, Ijaz Butt has recently said that there will be one captain for all formats. In this case Afridi is not the man. It is either Misbah or Salman. Salman is ideal for the long term future.

Wes said...

I do also see no alternative to splitting the captaincy, however Afridi is the worst role model one can think of. His promotion would demonstrate to people that no matter what you do you can still be the captain if you only mouth off loud enough. I can totally understand how he is popular in Pakistan, his batting style basically reflects his personality; Boom Boom. Make big noise. Which also is the factor that keeps his team mates marching.
He makes a big wave that affects everybody incl. me, no doubt, he makes you laugh and grab your head and shout at him and all that.
But his CV does simply not warrant for any leadership role. This is a cricket team, not a cowboy movie. It simply sends the completely wrong signals especially after PCB wanted to clean out the pigsty with big noise.

Wes said...

Maz can you give a source for Butt saying there will be one captain only, or tell where you read it? This would be heaps interesting now.

Reverse Swing said...

@Wes, A simple no for Salman Butt? Why not any reason u think he doesn't fit the job?

@Afridi, he has all the qualities for a Pakistan team leader actually keep in mind an overall captain role model which works everywhere doesn't work with Pakistan, we always need a different and speciall person to successfully lead our team and we found only few of them over the years. And I guess Afridi has little bit of hints of that.

Yea their are some issues with him like, his place in test team (oh and I also think single Captain for all formats will work much better with Pakistan team :P )and his unusual brain loss (actually arrogance some time, but can't it be fixed somehow?) So why not give him a run? (which is also true as we don't have an impressive option except him)

@Razzaq, my second fav like Wes, he is cool headed sincere and a valuable team player. But he also have a (?) on his place in test side but I feel he is good to be a permanent part of ODI team, dropping him from ODIs is idiotic.

@Misbah, his case is strange specially with his form and position in team, he seems to perform brilliant in domestic and is a continuous failure at International level. His captaincy didn't impressed me either but that was too short to judge.

(oh and funny thing, I attend a match between Pak A and Pak U19 in Sargodha this Sunday (14th March), Misbah was A team's Captain and Azeem Ghuman was U19 and I find Azeem much better than Misbah :P)

@Salman Butt, well first of all we need to find a better partner with him specially in longer format that will also make him better too. I personally feel it is yet not the time to make him Captain but yes may be couple of years later but if that is the case we should appoint him as deputy for sure to learn it. (His captaincy was average in RBS cup I think but again it was too little to judge).

Sidthegnomenator said...

I agree with splitting the captaincy - and, though I am an Aussie and thus a vocal opponent of the ball-biting incident, I think Afridi might be the man for T20 and ODI. He is talented, although certifiable and a bad role model.

But so is Ricky Ponting.

Afridi does have personality and his countrymen seem to love him.

Ricky Ponting has neither of the above.