22 March 2010

The cricket, my friend, is blowing in the wind...

New Zealand survived a day that was supposed to be the end of the first test, but after a delayed wet start "the wither didn't git bitter" and at the bad-light-induced stumps the Kiwis were still holding 4 wicket's in hand with cool McCullum and a maturely batting Tuffster keeping up the resistance.

After this day the city should actually be renamed into "Stormy Wellington". Covers were flying across the field, a single brave groundsman clinging to the fabric was dragged along until he threw himself onto it. Plastic bags and Simon Katich's helmet escaped any fielding efforts and raced to the boundary, visitors were rolling on the ground desperately holding on to their flags and rags. The virtual cameras were out of order, a circumstance Punter wasn't aware of when he went for a referral unsuccessful due to the technical problems, which sparked a huge endless discussion with the umpires, who eventually decided to count the review as not failed.

The comment box reported a wind speed of up to 140 kph, which provided for some adventurous and spectacular bowling. Ritz got sent on for 49 overs at 2.42 in this innings, thus bowling almost twice as much as any other bowler, and it was him who pulled the plug that had Dan's face on it, and he would also have got McCullum, had the cameras worked properly. The gale-force winds in combination with the deep footmarks on the pitch bestowed some mindboggling, almost awkward-looking ritzy deliveries upon the watcher, with the ball virtually going in zigzag lines and posing a difficult challenge to the prophetic skills of the batsmen. Ritz and Harris bravely kept making strides against the storm like hamsters in the wheel, and Mitch benefited from the wind in his back and produced some real stunners. Yet he remained wicketless today as he couldn't get his fingers quickly enough on what would have been a dolly of a return catch. I can only recommend everybody to watch the highlights, they're gonna be a treat for any sensationalist weather voyeur.

Meanwhile in Mirpur: 

Arrrrrr. Who is this "Ian Bell" person that refuses to walk?
What is the Untim doing there on 74?

Jacko thrillered himself through the heat with razor-sharp bowling and maidens aplenty but both he and Shakib got fredded backsidishly by the blind moles that had replaced the umpires at the start of the day. England should have long been all out, and the frustration got to the Deshi bowlers a bit, pitifully also to Mushi's mittens. However, Shakib kept pushing and ended the day with four, while Mahmudullah quickly removed Broad, [repeat after me:] who is the most overrated batsman of all time. Two days are left, if B'desh can battle out a draw here it would be more than well-deserved, but if that happens Cookie should feel pretty much defeated.


Purna said...

Noo!! No draw! If they can get the last two wickets quickly, then bat the whole day to score quickly and then put England in to bat in the last day...we have a game!

I am getting too excited.

And Broad is not a batsman. Period.

Wes said...

Haha ok well precisely it should have been "who is not an allrounder, as he can't bat for shit"

Well you are a very optimistic and excited little kitten. I think the safer option would be batting solidly and avoiding a defeat. The most difficult task would be getting England all out in time on this pitch. I absolutely doubt that can be done in one day without the Poms imploding. Oh and they are so good at drawing. But we shall see, it is very interesting.

greyblazer said...

Cook's captaincy has been below par as he has been very defensive and the umpiring has been pathetic.If Prior was not out then no lbw can be given.

England have to thank the ever reliable batsman against Bangladesh Ian Bell. He averages something like 244 against the mighty Bang!

Purna said...

HAHA. All hail the great Bell then :P

Anonymous said...

ah thanks Wesi those highlights of Day 4 in wind was really interesting , loved it.

oh and sorry Purna tigers still need to learn final trick of getting their prey right in their jaws till it die but I assume they still think it is something to play with like little Tiger kids or they are too obsessed with Pakistani cricket style.

Reverse Swing said...

it was me above , damn it skipped my name :P