20 March 2010

*Happy Bears Day in Batting Land*

Mushi and Junaid
Several years after NZ had started their innings things also began to happen in Mirpur:

Bangladesh took just 8 overs with no loss to catch up with the Kiwis, who had been batting for 27 overs, and the parallel scores looked like this:

Ban: 51-0 (8 ov) 

NZ: 48-4 (27 ov)

Admittedly, the wicket in Mirpur is one for the work horses amongst the bowlers, and McIntosh went out to a no ball (ironically Harris' maiden test wicket). What also has to be considered is that B'desh aren't facing an Australian mammoth score incl. a declaration and the two problem bears Clarke and North in blinding form.

Instead birthday bear Tamim threw a party, and  Junaid's and Mushi's innings in the first test probably gave the Deshis enough confidence to bat as if they had stinging nettles in their pants, and if they manage to get England's batsmen into trouble and post another good score in the second innings they will conclude the series with raised head. Maybe it's just me but there is something in the air surrounding this team, and I hope this time my gut feeling won't fool me.

Best over:

Swann to Junaid: 1
Swann to Tamim: 4, 4, 4, 6, 1

Which takes us to the real issue: Cookie's captaincy somehow has a strange, unexpected, mellowing effect on me. Despite the Untim, Broad, G-Binn and Pietersen being as annoying as ever I find it hard to get into the appropriate rage. Is it the omission of Luke Wright? The inclusion of Steven Finn? Thank god Strauss will be back soon to revert things to normal.


Yes you are burning to hear my newest theory about Marcus North. Well actually it had been in the back of my mind for some time when people kept harping on his Ashes achievements, but I didn't have enough proof for it. Well there are guys who just don't do it abroad, like Harmison and the Deshis, and then obviously there are guys who don't do it at home, but as soon as they have a plane seat under the butt they take fire, maybe something lives in their basements. North operated the switch on the plane to NZ, I assume English or NZish conditions suit him. But this is just a theory, because if Oz keep batting like this we won't see enough North innings to verify that. But if it applies North will be great in England against Pakistan and then totally fail in the Ashes.  ^^

Another idea just crossed my mind: North's form slumped suddenly without any external indication. He did not only start to bat horribly but also dropped catches. Did anyone notice how this happened during the Pakistan tour. And as soon as he's off to NZ he leaps back onto the scene in a likewise inexplicable manner, pulls an unbeaten century out of his sleeve and takes a stunning catch.

Ts, ts, ts!!! Geddit? Ts ts!!! ^^

Before I can leave you alone with your thoughts on this I need your help:

Which famous album cover is this?!


Lou said...

He's always been an inconsistent player, Wes. He'll probably keep getting out for stuff all or getting tons. If he holds his place.

What did you think of Mitch's fancy footwork? I don't understand why he just didn't pick it up and throw it, he had enough time and he is pretty accurate generally.

Purna said...

Haha. I like the comparison.

Unfortunately, tomorrow we bowl. That shit never goes well.

Wes said...

Lou I will come up with more theories until one of them applies! A simple "inconsistent" is dis-satisfactory.

I saw Mitch's little Ronaldinho trick live!! Damnit forgot to mention it. D'oh. Well my thoughts on his recent development: He has become the Mitchbitch... this confidence suits him in his bowling but maybe he'll get a little too lazy, but as long as it works for him... didn't everybody incl. me moan that there are no brick heads in the Aussie team anymore. He isn't a charming brick head. He's just become annoying. But that's better than a team solely consisting of Norths and Clarkes :D
Watto can't do the Twatto job alone.

Purna have faith in Jacko!

Wes said...

Daaarghh day 3 Vettori out to Harris first over, Guptill on 19 and McCullum at the crease. That's not how you spell contest

greyblazer said...

After watching Tamim bat yesterday I felt like some cyclone has hit England. If I am right Bang. unfortunately gets hit by lots of cyclones from Bay of Bengal? but yesterday it was a cyclone called Tamim that hit the England team.

Rishabh said...

Kids are influenced by their big brothers. Bangladesh's big brothers are the likes of India, Sri Lanka, Pakistan... this was bound to happen with Sehwag and Jayasuriya around!

Wes said...

Well wasn't there also this guy Raqibul Hasan who retired and then jumped back for selfish reasons. This they got from Pakistan. :/

Rishabh said...

Yeah that was weird - he retired because the selectors wanted to drop him but picked him anyway. I think he wants to be picked whole-heartedly, not sure what that means :S

Purna said...

He 'retired' because he is young and impulsive. It hurt his ego when they were thinking of dropping him after the ODI's where he was terrible. So he proved himself in the warm up matches and retired. Stupid, stupid decision. Hopefully he will grow up soon and come back.