30 March 2010

••• Harry and Haury

Day 4 in Hamilton

They couldn't have confessed it any more openly.

Hauritz replaces Johnson, who, btw., goes out for a golden duck. Ritz has to bat with Haddin, and he doesn't find it too inspiring.

Haddin walks. Harris comes in. Ritz and Ryan take a deep look into each other's eyes. And then it starts:

Vettori to Hauritz, FOUR,
tossed up, Hauritz slog sweeps against the turn just over midwicket and away for four. Ambitious shot.

Patel to Hauritz, FOUR,
tossed up outside off, Hauritz advances and drop kicks him high and wide of long on, one bounce four. Super shot

Vettori to Harris, FOUR,
quicker ball, half volley, Harris plays a glorious drive wide of mid off for four. Outstanding shot

Vettori to Hauritz, SIX,
tossed high, Hauritz advanced didn't quite get there but swung through the line and launched it high over the sightscreen. Superbly struck by Hauritz.

Patel to Harris, FOUR,
looped high outside off, Harris drives magnificently against the turn wide of mid off for four

Patel to Hauritz, SIX,
tossed up outside off, Hauritz descends to one knee and slog sweeps this flat and hard, high enough over long on to clear the fence

Patel to Hauritz, FOUR,
tossed up outside off, Hauritz goes to one knee and slaps this straight down the ground for four. Incredible shot

Patel to Harris, FOUR,
fractionally short, Harris gives himself room to cut, gets a thick edge past slip and it runs past slip and away for four

Vettori to Hauritz, FOUR,
looping ball, well down leg, Hauritz sweeps fine and beats the diving Southee for four (Note: Ritz you sack!)

Vettori to Hauritz, FOUR,
thrown even higher and wider down leg and Hauritz sweeps it behind the keeper for four more!

Scores at lunch:

NM Hauritz 41* RJ Harris 18*

The hirsute hobgoblin has to intervene promptly by the means of a declaration fit. He can't allow Hauritz to gather a ton and Harris to get his maiden 50, while his own wagonwheel of this test consists of two single strokes (haha @the two Kiwi fans with the flipchart)

So, are we surprised by this outing? Yes. Should we have known it before? Heck, yes!
Harris is a Queenslander, he tickles Haury's nostalgic nerve. And his past as a Redback just adds this little exotic thrill that sets the Ritz on fire. And Harris himself? He has an ordinary Hauritz crush. A mainstream occurrence that leaves none of us unaffected these days.

I'm retracting my question why Johnson bats before the Ritz. It all makes sense now.
But! Punter needs to get his declaritis invidiosa under control. This wonderfully kitschy tale of the Ha-has deserves a happy end!



Rishabh said...

Southee again, that was a fun little passage of play... even Martin!

Suhas said...

I happened to miss this passgae of play. Perhaps that was for the best; it might have brought back some bitter memories of McGrath and Gillespie, circa 2004 at Brisbane.

Wes said...

I still have to watch the last day!

Suhas, hello. That was luckily before my time.

Sidthegnomenator said...

Let me just make this clear, there is no such thing as an ordinary crush on Haurie.

Nuff said.