29 March 2010

••• I am snailing, I am snailing... ♪♫

Day 3 in Hamilton


On the one hand it is good to see that Oz are turning Cardiff, and my poor cricket knowledge allows me to make the odd correct prediction. On the other hand NZ would have deserved a consolation win here.

Simon Krabbish krabbed himself in --more fodder for the kultists--, Watto didn't depart too early, and except for Puller, who no side in the world deems an actual threat anymore, none of the Aussie batters disgraced himself to a larger extent.

Timmy took revenge on Watto for that ugly assault earlier, and killed Punter (6) right thereafter in collaboration with The Man's tactical genius and BJ Watlingseed's razor-sharp reflexes. Lunch must have been yummy, Shimon Kaddidsh and The Muss walked back for seconds, both nicking Brent Arnel to McCullum. Huss is not in perfect test shape yet but there are still a couple of matches to go for him and get prepared. What followed then were Clarke's and West's successful efforts to end the day on equal scores.

Vettori and Patel, the work horses in the bowling sector, remained wicketless, which will not take the worries off The Ritz, but of course we all know that he pulls the occasional surprise fiver out of his sleeve. Chris Martin is getting meh-er and meh-er. Sinclair bowled three overs for a single run, unfortunately I didn't see it, but it looks funny on the scorecard. I am seriously wondering why Vettori didn't give Seventoes a go, he was successful against Pakistan, when he provided three breakthrough wickets in quick succession (if my old brain isn't fooling me here), and I guess he could have brought a little bit of variation into the NZ attack. No?

Oz basically have the match in the bag here unless NZ take the remaining wickets within the the first overs tomorrow and then bat for their lives. If that happens I'll eat my hat.


Note: I would hereby like to apologise for all these awful puns in my posts, it's compulsive and I need to expel them in order not to burst.




Rishabh said...

Who doesn't love puns?

The wickets are falling in pairs - Watto and Punter fell together to Southee and then Krab and Elder Huss to Arnel. Expect both Pup and North to get out to Vettori quickly.

Lou said...

Kat the Krab was playing proper test cricket. He's good at slowing the game right down and wearing out the bowlers without getting impatient.

Unlike almost everyone else in the Aus team.

Wes said...

Rishabh, not quite! But he took North and Johnson with successive balls hehe.

Lou, no doubt. NZ need a couple of Katichs at the top.

Rishabh said...

Yeah I was about to mention that, haha, close enough prediction!