8 March 2010

ICC World Twenty20 - official TOuRnaMENT song

The ICC has this nice audio website I occasionally check for new stuff. A couple of days ago I saw that they had added the official anthem of the World Twenty20. According to my experience the term "official anthem" is used as an euphemism to circumscribe the brutal ear rape continuously inflicted on the watcher from the moment the TV ad of the tournament is aired for the first time, until the end of the last studio report about the final. If you thought that it couldn't get any more abominable after the Champions League you've got another think coming. I had to turn it off after a few seconds in order to prevent myself from sticking forks into my ears.  

Click at your own risk.



Reverse Swing said...

Typical Carrabian Music and I can imagine the video for this with drums and old heritage people dressed up pinned in cricket highlights :P

Rishabh said...

The only cricket-related thing I could hear was a mention of Twenty-twenty somewhere in there... where's Sean Paul when you need him! :P