23 March 2010

*OMG* Hughesless turns Hughesful

Phillip Hughes made an unbeaten 86 from just 75 deliveries. My feeble brain fails to comprehend his awesomeness, uniqueness, incomparability, unlimited infinity and endless immortality  o_O

He single-handedly saved Australia's butt when all hope was lost; chasing 480 with one wicket in hand, only ten overs to go, the kiwis bowling cluster bombs at him and Katich nailed to his end with a broken leg.

Wuckers? None!

Here comes Phil the white knight on the white horse, totally blitzing the Black Caps bowlers to death and blinding their red glowing demon eyes with his holy bat of glory to save the day, the match and the world. Did you guys see the halo around his little head? Punter could hardly hold his pee as he declared him the next Sehwag.

Hughes' innings will enter the cricket annals as "The Wonder of Wellington" and for generations to come the Wellingtonians will shake in terror as soon as they spot a white object of less than 50 cm height.

Meanwhile in Mirpur:

Crap on a bloody stick, six down with a lead of only 95, and they can even consider themselves lucky that England spilled so many chances.Tomorrow another display of tailender magic will be needed. Shakib is rightly angry about the absence of the UDRS, given how the Bangladesh Cricket Board obviously sets its priorities. As an indirect result Jamie Siddons got fined for not shooting the umpire. What world do we live in? :(


greyblazer said...

Hughes played a chancy knock and was dropped. Against better teams he would struggle unless he does something about backing away from stumps.

Sehwag for all his hitting plays with a straight bat when he defends. Hughes has to learn to defend.

Dean @ Cricket Betting Blog said...

Just easy pickings, not many batsmen have the luxary to go out and play an innings like that. See what he's like next time he has to perform under pressure. Although that knock should give him some much needed confidence.

Be interesting to see what happens when Watson comes back, don't think you can keep Hughes in just for that innings.

No room down the order for Watson with North scoring a century when it really mattered, so imagine Hughes will be a goner.

Wasim said...

It's too early to compare him with Sehwag. Captains usually say such things to give a new player extra confidence.

Wasim said...

ICC should make UDRS mandatory. I feel sorry for Bangladesh.

Rishabh said...

Definitely a long way from Sehwag - Hughes is primarily an offside player, while Viru modeled himself after Sachin and can play on the legside almost as well as his mentor!

Watson may not be fit yet, so Hughes could be given another go.

Wes said...

Greyblazer, I agree.

Dean, welcome to PFCNFS. I think it is most unlikely that Hughes stays in the spot of a fit Watson. North will stay as well.

Wasim, ideally UDRS should be mandatory in all formats. One could even argue the shorter the format the more impact does a wrong decision have on the result of the match. Or does it? Would be a nice topic to discuss. My experience is too little for that.

Rishabh, my sources say that Watson is as fit as it gets.