27 March 2010

••• South takes Northee

That was one interesting day of test cricket. Unfortunately I missed the clean up of the tail but! There were some good bits before that.

1) Tummy Time! (as the locals say)

Timmy bowled great throughout the entire innings and grabbed four big fat Greek ones. In the absence of Tuffey he has to adopt the role of the senior fast bowler, as Martin looks clueless and Arnel is newish, sort of. The first wicket he took was the scalp of Watto (12); vital because the Wattmeister must be kept from settling in.

When NZ seemed stuck after lunch he removed the Muss (22), again, then returncaught Haddin (12) and eventually killed the last living batsman in North (9). One has to admit that the majority of these wickets came as donations to the charity but there you can see the dimension of the intimmydation he inflicts on the batsmen :D

Hail to the Southee. Once more he steps up when his country needs him.

2) The Man

The Man brought himself on after about 50 mins or so, went wicketless at first and from the comment box one could hear the suggestion that he should have partnered himself with Jeetan Patel for an effective spin surprise. Nevertheless the Ozzies had the pants full, Vettori admitted about 1 run/over at that time. Fantastic cricketer, all the lauds he has received over the past couple of days are absolutely justified.

He and Tim Southee shared the biggest workload of 19 overs each, which also reflects the current misery of NZish fast bowling trust he has in his young quick.

He got Punter (22) with a direct hit onto the stumps, Run-Out-Ricky had been looking scratchy and imho never really found his feet. Katich (88), remarkably the only Australian batsman who actually managed to get past 30, fell prey to the Poisonhands, as well as the complete tail. Happy 100th, Dan.

3) Further notes:

Jeetan Patel played a very tidy innings and prevented Clarke (28) from getting started. Very handy man.

Chris Martin is like a blank page to me. I guess he will keep playing until NZ have someone else.

231 is not exactly the equivalent of "getting rolled", as some experts imply here. For countries like Pakistan or NZ this would be quite an okay score *ducks and covers*. But for Oz it is embarrassing and they will battle to do better in their second innings.

Ritz (12*) ends the innings of course unbeaten. I don't get why he bats after Johnson (0). Mitch can't bat for shit, I find it inexplicable why everybody gets moist when they speak about Mitchell Johnson still being to bat. Sorry. But he still bats better than the allrounder Stuart Broad. Anyway the commentators found that Ritz must be itching to go out and bowl on this pitch. Well let's hope he can pick up some Kiwis tonight. Tomorrow. Depending on where you live.

I will refrain from suggesting that North's hundred was a flash in the pan and Oz should have played Smith right from the start to get him used to playing tests. :P

My respect for Harris keeps growing, I like how he tries to hang around at the end. 

One could spot a "We ♥ Shane Watson" banner in the crowd o_O

Bolly has already slain in the first over, I suppose we are gonna see more of him tonight. This badgekissery has to stop. It makes the watcher feel embarrassed.

Australia will bowl with bumblebees in their butts. It's gonna be an exciting second day.



greyblazer said...

A good day for the Black Caps. I would like to congratulate Vettori for reaching his landmark of 100 tests! Now if Skippy gets some runs it would be even better.

Rahul Bhagchandani said...

Hey there,
Loved the post!

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Here's what I've done by far: http://snicked.wordpress.com

I just wanted you to get my site linked to yours, That'd be gr8.

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Just looking forward to a reciprocating reply :)

Rishabh said...

You should know that Chris Martin's there for his batting! No one quite does it like him... and also, he's a member of Coldplay, he entertains the squad.

Wes said...

Rahul welcome, check your blog ;)

Haha Rishabh I think if he sang instead of bowling he would actually make someone happy for a change.
Yeah even if the match is lost you still wait to see if he gets off the mark *lol*

Suhas said...

Agreed on Chris Martin, for the last couple of seasons or so he's tended to look out of sorts before doing just enough to retain his spot.

Like how you've pointed out how 231 is not *rolled over*, especially since NZ's batting will keep the bowlers interested. Australia don't lose 5 wickets in a session too often though, so maybe it counts. (Throw in the fact that there was one sub-200 score each during both their home series earlier in the season, and they've got to be a bit worried about the batting).

Rishabh said...

Hmm, I can imagine him, bald with that weird band on his head, singing... wow, that's too weird :P

Yet a another duck for him, but Taylor! Whoa!

Wes said...

Suhas, thanks for posting :9

I have a different take now on Chris Martin's duck collection, looked into his face while he has "batting".

Taylor has to be seen in the context but yes, that was quite amazing.