24 March 2010

"Yay we've avoided a draw" --- "It's the will of the worms"

Hmmm. Looks like this apparently weird "draw" thing still has to be practised a little. All the hard work undone, all those admirable nail and tooth fights in vain. Everybody was sure that the Deshis had the chance to make Cookie crumble, and some people -coughcoughpurnacoughcough- even dared to dream of not only drawing the match but the entire series.

It is partly the fault of Shakib, who, right after getting stumped on 96, simply couldn't find a way to squeeze the air out of England on this last day; he didn't go for the attack but couldn't contain them either. His team but also he himself must be fuming over this outcome. Coach Siddons will probably reward him with a royal whipping. This is the sort of captaincy that makes you angry and you can't help thinking of Yousuf in Sydney.

But Shakib is young, extremely young for a captain, equipped with truckloads of talent with both bat and ball. The grapevine reports that he took Bangladesh to the highest run total in the test history of the country. He will learn and get the lessons belted into him. But it hurts to watch the process. He won't be the happiest birthday bear of all time today.

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Meanwhile shocking news have reached us from the storm front: 

Brendon McCullum would like to attend to the penis worms that live in his shoulder, and needs to put the gloves away for that.

He is The Boucher of NZ, how can he want to take the gloves off? Whenever a keeper pulls off a ripper behind the stumps I use to say he's done a McCullum. Apart from that if he keeps keeping there will be a slot available for another regular batsman; in my humblest of opinions NZ cannot afford to waste a slot for a specialist keeper that can't contribute much to the score. Look at Pakistan with Sarfraz. Thus, from my perspective the result of his pondering should be: NO. Just NO.


greyblazer said...

Good to see KP doing well. Oh gawd some people are ready to jump on certain players if they fail in a couple of series though he may be coming back from a serious injury and isn't match fit.

Sakib should have got a century but didn't get much support.

Wes said...

Yes it was frightening to see how he sehwagged into the bowlers of the no. 1 ranked test nation in the world on this extremely difficult surface.

greyblazer said...

Lol it was better to watch him score 500 odd runs against McGrath, Clark, Lee and warne a few years back.

If a player has played well for 13 or 14 series which includes succes against Australia, India and South Africa and failed in only one series in Lanka in 2007 it is fine if he has a couple of bad series especially if he is coming back from a serious injury.

More than anything else the timing is back.

Rishabh said...

Still not convinced about his form, though... I want to see him play aerial flicks over midwicket and switch-hits!

Wes said...

Greyblazer his achievements are irrelevant. I will keep "jumping" on him even if he makes 600 from just 5 balls. :D

greyblazer said...

Ha ha and I will keep defending him even if he makes 0 runs in 10 innings.

Sidthegnomenator said...

Man, McCullum looks bad-arse in that photo. Wouldn't want to meet him in a dark alley!

Also, I think KP deserves to be jumped on in any circumstances. Mostly because he scored 500 odd runs against McGrath, Lee and Warne a few years back. That's unforgivable, Grey!

Wes said...

He will get belted in Oz.

greyblazer said...

Lol he can again score 500 runs as he likes pace on the ball and Australian wickets do have a bit of pace and bounce.

greyblazer said...


I have also written a bit more about Hauritz!