10 March 2010

Yousuf banned from "play for country" o_O

Mohammad Yousuf and Younis Khan got banned from international Pakistan cricket for the rest of their lives. BAMMM. That's a bullet between the eyes of any Pakistan supporter. I still refuse to believe it. My head is aching. No this is not an overreaction because Yousuf is The Mentor and patron of this blog. This is plain incomprehension.

I understand the punishment of the Pakmals, they were just dumb, especially Umar, who thought he could *blackmail* the board into putting his brother back in the team. In addition to his fine he should get slapped on both of his cheeky cheeks. Punishing Afridi twice is an issue but not inappropriate. About Rana I didn't know, but now I do. Malik furthermore mutinying against Yousuf deserves extensive public whipping.

But what the bloody heck did Yousuf and Younis do wrong? I understand that Younis is the most indecisive player of all times, but who did he offend, what rules did he breach? And what the hell did Yousuf do that deserves an indefinite ban? I remember that Yousuf was one of the alleged conspirators against Younis, which, combined with the match fixing accusations, eventually led to Younis first putting the PCB under pressure, but then finally withdrawing from international cricket. But Kamran was said to be involved in the plotting as well. So if this is the reason for Yousuf's punishment, why does Kamran not get banned for life? Why do Malik and Rana not get banned for life, if they were involved into plots against Yousuf?

And the most retarded thing about it is that the PCB claims they can't elaborate on the reasons of their decisions, while they are acting like "Whooohooo take that, villain of evil!!! That'll teach you and any future villains a lesson!!!" What  fricking lesson are they talking about? What are others supposed to learn from that? You'll get a life-long ban if you do... what?

My opinion is that they just killed all the guys off that ever dared to approach them in a criticising manner. Both Yousuf and Younis were in argument with them on several occasions, both suffered a severe lack of support from the board during their captaincies, and the PCB seized the opportunity to put their heads on the chopping block while it was still warm from the blood of the others. Which leads me to the conclusion that Kamran Abbasi is the man, again. Read his words and think.

One will have to wait and see how this pans out and what actions are taken by the players against these decisions. Until then I am disgusted and appalled by the PCB once again. If any of you guys have more info on this, please don't hesitate to leave me a comment. All enlightenment is welcome.

edit, Osman Samiuddin summarises the points nicely.


Wasim said...


They didn't carried out independent inquiry because they wanted to cover up their own role in promoting factionalism and under performing players for their own vested interests.

Younis is being punished because he stood up to them and refused to become their puppet. Yousaf is being punished for carrying out mutiny against Younis and starting a public spat with Malik but I suspect more for throwing the Sydney Test.

The punishments with exception to Younis are fair but justcie hasn't been served to PCB officials as of yet.

For more details check this out


Wes said...

Wasim thank you for confirming, but why do you think Yousuf threw the Sydney test? This is the first time I hear it and it feels like getting clubbed on the head :/

Wes said...

Will look at your post in a minute

Wasim said...


Why does a player throws a match??
Through out the match he was blaming his players for playing in T20 mode and in the end played himslef like a T20 batsman and threw away his wicket.

His field placement on the final day his bowling changes he didn't brought in Sami till the end of Australian innings.

Then he defended Kamran Akmal blatantly.

He is being backed by Inzamam's mafia which is notorious in Pakistani cricket circles for its involvement in illegal practices.

In the end he blamed everything on Malik who wasn't even playing.

Wes said...

I cannot imagine he does that and I don't want to believe it :/
Out of all the players he appeared to be the one with an old school mindset and I totally bought that of him. Crap.
But one also has to say that this conspiracy that involved swearing on the Holy Book (!!!) is absolutely disgusting. Have you ever heard of something like that before? I mean swearing on the Holy Book to backstab someone? It knocked me out of my socks. I see so many players with different eyes now. It's repulsive.