10 March 2010

Yousuf contemplates retirement

Pakpassion reports that Yousuf is "distraught, tearful and almost speechless at the decision by the Board. All he wants to know is what he has done wrong. He has had no official correspondence from the Board or even a telephone call to explain where he has erred and has just heard about the punishment in the media."

Furthermore a person close to him says that he considers retiring from cricket completely: "Yousuf is contemplating retirement with immediate effect, but we are trying to talk him out of it. At the moment he is very confused with this situation and hopefully things may improve and become clearer soon".

Read the entire article here.

Maybe I am shit in the head, some of you will testify, but I want him to come back. He doesn't have much time left to play for Pakistan and it feels like executing a 85-year old. I want the ban to be lifted. He was one of the players that actually led to me supporting Pakistan. This is disappointing and depressing.


Wasim said...


He won't retire, those are just crocodile tears, every single player knew it what was coming and why.

Out of all four players who are banned Yousaf is the only one who will make a comeback.

Lou said...

The bans will be overturned, I am sure.

The PCB can't organise its way out of a paper bag, they just lurch from one balls up to another.

Reverse Swing said...

Well it has already started as in recent media news PCB has said they didn't said a life ban on Yousuf and Younis they actually recommended don't consider them for International team, what the hell does that mean? Does it the start of PCB reverting back its decision?

Thiru Cumaran said...

Frankly, all cricket bloggers can do a great service to cricket as a whole by just ignoring any news about the PCB!

Annoying, I say!

Shridhar Jaju said...

Oh, I am sure the bans will be overturned! But true, like them or not, you don't want to see guys like Yousuf or Younis Khan to end their careers in such a manner. They deserve some respect.

Wes said...

Welcome Sridhar :)

Thank you guys for your consoling words. I was just a bit out of my head, looks like the PCB is already in the process of overturning their decisions.

"Out of all four players who are banned Yousaf is the only one who will make a comeback.

I will be looking forward to that!