29 April 2010

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Aiden Blizzard joins the Redbacks!
Is gud?
Is gud

If you have followed the weather reports of southern and western parts of Australia lately you will realise that he is going to add a whole new dimension to the chaos of destructive hailstorms, sudden floods and extreme droughts. The snow storm will freeze-dry the ears of the opponent's bowlers, the icy force of nature will turn the Saussie snoozefest into a bright white party! I hope. The last time it snowed in Adelaide was, if I remember correctly, about 100 years ago or so. Anyway especially with a view to the Champions League he is a great addition, we must not forget that the Redbacks will be without the services of Shahid Afridi and...
... without KiPo.
KiPo come baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack

How could they ever let him go *sneef*

Speaking of Kieron Pollard, look at this awesome promo video they had made for the Big Bash 2009-10, it is so different from the IPL spots. Amateurish, heartwarming, sort of improvised and it has two furry friends in it.

... and Cossy.
Cossy come baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack

How could they ever let him go *sneef*

Anyway here's the video:
Heheh that was nice wasn't it!

The other addition from Victoria listens to the name Rob Cassell. Never heard of him, but if his bowling is only half as cool as his (almost) namesake Vincent he should strengthen the 'actually quite good' SA attack further. I would also like to point out that SA have so far made good experiences picking up the Victorian leftovers, so I am hopeful and pretty happy about the current acquisitions.

Lastly I still have a video for all the mad Shahid Afridi fans among you, it is a little retrospective of Shahid's Big Bash campaign with the Redbacks, including some interviews, check it out!
All images and videos are (C) South Australian Cricket Association.

I hope you've enjoyed this little journey through the recent past of the Redbacks, let's see what Kieron and Shahid can do for their countries in the World T20!



Anonymous said...

That Redback vid is really cute.


Masuud said...

Wait, am I seeing some wrong blog here or was the post creator a guest? Or someone was asleep while this was posted?
I mean WTF! Afridi out here. No way! Na na na!!!

p.s. Any news/idea he'll do another season with them? And did Redbacks win the final? (My guess is no)

Wes ~PFCNFS~ said...

That was just namedropping! Put Afridi in the headline and your blog will get visitors. Works the same with Sachin. But in fact Afridi was quite a big tag in the tag list, I must have written more posts about him than I remember :P

Redbacks lost the final (haha... the big names had departed) but made it to the CL as runners up. No clue about signings for this season... Will of course let you know ;) Thanks for the comment!