24 April 2010

All hail the mighty Middlesex!

Let sound the trumpets and fanfares!
Let the queen appear on the balcony!
And have her throw lollies!

Middlesex played like second division county cricket gods! With no Owy or ginger leprechaun!

What it took them to thrash the opponent:

  • Awesome batting: check
  • Great bowling: check
  • Attacking captaincy: check
  • Two perfectly timed declarations: check
  • The will to win: check
  • Being the better team: check

"Earth calling Wes, have you heard the news! Middlesex lost!"

" o.O "


"B....but... What??? WHAT???"

  • Strauss: check
  • Strauss batting crap: check
  • Strauss dropping a crucial catch: check
  • Strauss dropping another crucial catch: check
  • Strauss sucking rear: check

"There you go."

"Grrrrsmmm frrrxzgrrllll gnnmmmmmgrrr grahhhhhh!!!!!"


half-tracker said...

I sort of know how you feel Wes - Hampshire suffered a similar fate. Still, onwards and upwards! (he says, crying into a pint)

Rishabh said...

It was such a steep chase, and they pulled it off so easily! Gotta give some credit to Peters for making half of it... is Udal still useful?

Sidthegnomenator said...

Here's what I don't get ... you're a middlesex supporter?

Are you sane?

Wes said...

Lol tracker sorry but I can't really cry over Strauss losing :P But the rest of the team didn't deserve the defeat. They tried so hard :/

Rishabh. No. It sucked. NHS cruised along at ODI pace comfortably and were never in danger of losing this, when MS hadn't got those breakthrough wickets right at the start. And Udal rules I think. His mindset appeals to me muchly.

Sid to be honest I only got stuck with them because they have this awesome radio comment. It makes you get to know them so quickly and then within the wink of an eye you catch yourself pressing your thumbs for them. Also they have this excellent attack. And I feel attracted to teams with good bowling like a fly to the dung pile ._.

half-tracker said...

Wes, I still can't believe Udal continues to play! When he left Hampshire he said he was semi retiring to play minor county games for Berkshire. That was 3 years ago!

Wes said...

Ha ha! Yeah cool isn't it, he is older than hard coal but not a bit demented yet. He is the real Sachin ^^

Purna said...

They won one game thanks to IOB! But it's the 40 over something :(.