11 April 2010

► County Championship Video Highlights

Most of the websites listed here provide a viewing experience much nicer than the ECB player, as well as tons of other footage. Surrey even create their own video highlights.
Use the small comprehensive ECB player for clubs that don't feature any match highlights on their websites (yet).


Derbyshire CCC

Durham CCC

Essex CCC

Glamorgan CCC

Gloucestershire CCC

Hampshire CCC

Kent CCC

Lancashire CCC

Leicestershire CCC

Middlesex CCC
Links to the single videos, player has a download button

Northamptonshire CCC
ECB player embedded in the sidebar, Northants matches only

Nottinghamshire CCC

Somerset CCC
at Youtube: Somerset CCC and peacocksmedia

Surrey CCC
Custom videos with cool pre-match stuff

Sussex CCC
Small embedded player
Registration needed to access archives in the large player.

Warwickshire CCC
ECB player embedded, Warwickshire matches only

Worcestershire CCC
ECB player embedded, Worcestershire matches only

Yorkshire CCC
Nothing there yet, though.


Rishabh said...

alternatively, www.ecb.co.uk has every day's highlights!

Rishabh said...

Err, yeah, there it is :P

Wes said...

Alternatively, start reading the post at the first sentence ;)

edit, edited a new first sentence in. The first first one so to speak.

Purna said...

Thank you!

Maz said...

This is great!

Look forward to seeing throughout the season!!

I was looking for them but now with this post I have found them :)

Suhas said...

Nicely done, though I wonder if I'll find the time to look them up. Any diea if they show the ListA and T20 games in addition to the county championship?

Wes said...

Thanks, guys
Suhas the websites that have more than the embedded ECB player usually feature all sorts of matches, also interviews and stuff like that. I don't know if the other formats are also covered by the ECB.