10 April 2010

Finnish 'em!!!

That's been one great day for the sports I like!

Part I:

Some of you might have picked up some more or less subtle hints about Steven Finn being on my watchlist, today he reminded us all of the reasons:



This is the guy that New Zealand would ideally like to see at Tim Southee's side.
Poisonous, calm, mature, ladderlegged, montypythonfaced, UNBLOND, and just at the start of a hopefully long, successful test career. But we all know that God spreads his gifts to mankind in sometimes truly inexplicable patterns, and this time he has gifted England, for reasons that lie completely in the obscure.

Yes of course I want to see Finn (heck, why can't this be his first name) in the Ashes! Preferably in the place of Broad. Yeah it won't happen unless Broad gets injured -your turn Purna!-, but maybe someone else will miss out instead. England's part-time skipper Strauss is his Middlesex team mate, and I hope he'll beat the drum for him.

Part II:

Straussy reads my blog! Just when I couldn't live without it anymore he gave me what I was craving so much:

He walked on 1.

No it doesn't play a role that this match seems to be a low-scorer. It won't keep me from renaming him as Andrew Walker.

Part III:

In a reprise of the first AFL match I'd ever seen Essendon won versus Carlton yet again! I was lucky to see the last bit and there it was again, the tension that freezes your body entirely and makes your hair stick off in crazy directions, until the final whistle sounds. The Dons really know how to take it from the living and slumped down towards the end until the lead had shrunk to 13 points, but an absolute stunner of a mark posed the turning point and they strode to a glorious finish. Phewwww! Okay it will probably not interest anyone of you but I needed to vent my joy, especially as my other adopted club, the Crows, are doing crap at the moment :/

There are also some Pakistan news trickling in every now and then but they are all more or less of the
sort, so yeah that's it for today,



Purna said...

Master, I have a question: do you want Broady's arms broken slightly or fully decapitated?

Rishabh said...

You can just send him over to the IPL - a few sixes, tears, and calls to daddy and you'll have his retirement!

Anonymous said...

The difference between all other tall bowlers who have played for England in recent times and Finn is unlike Broad, Tremlett, Harmison and co. Finn bowls a fuller length and makes the batsmen play. If he continues to improve Broad may be under pressure as he wastes the new ball by banging it into the pitch and making it go soft. Broad seems to think that he is the next Holding!

I would never understand the hype surrounding Broad but Finn is a good prospect. Now most may not agree but if he bowls from a slightly higher arm Finn reminds me of a certain young McGrath when he first came onto the scene in 1993/94 and I don't think I'm hyping him either.

Southee still has Tuffey though and when he gets fit the exciting McKay. I think Vettori should stop praising Martin but throw that deadwood out and give the new ball to Tuffey as for some reason he uses him as a stock bowler. In the absence of their strike bowler Bond it should be Tuffey who should take the new ball. He has a enviable record of getting out batsmen in his first ball or his first over many times( something like 10 or 11 times he has got a wicket in his first over in tests and equal number of times in onedayers too)but for that to happen just like Fleming, Vettori too should give the new ball to Tuffey as he doesn't waste it like Martin.

I still can't understand the reason behind Vettori defending Martin all the time!!!

greyblazer said...

It wasn't anonymous but greyblazer who posted that above comment lol.

Reverse Swing said...

Cricket is dreaded this April, If Wes is forced to follow English domestic seasons that means we have been really fucked up by ICC (aka BCCI+IPL).

Nothing else to mention even , ah thats crazy. I want to hibernate till 30 April :P

Wes said...

Purna, hell! I always say "A flu will do!"

Rishabh, unfortunately Broady vowed to play for country not for self. I think that was before this year's IPL auction. *sigh*

Greyblazer that's one awesome blog post. It's a shame that it will get lost here in the comments. I did not include Tuffey as he is turning 32 in June and isn't really a long-term prospect but! I think he can extend his career for a fair bit if he switches to batting :P

Maddy not really, but I follow the development of certain players ;) Apart from that I think county cricket has way more significance for the game than other leagues currently being played. Plus: it has the Cosgrove ^^

Suhas said...

Greyblazer, you're right Tuffey is pretty much NZ's only option to partner Southee (if Dan finally decides he's had enough of Marto's underperforming). For a three year period (2002-2004) Tuffey was pretty much NZ's Matthew Hoggard - a medium paced outswing bowler capable of running in and doing the job on any surface, and even carrying the attack. Of late, he seems to be really injury prone..and despite being accurate, he seems to have gone back to that mode of depending entirely on the conditions and not offering penetration on flatter pitches. While I don't see him as a definite solution to NZ's bowling woes, he should be a vital component of the attack if they can get McKay or Gillespie to return and lend some raw pace to the attack.