2 April 2010

† Happy Crucifixion Day everybody †

Now that there is currently no cricket going on except for the announcement of the T20 squads and the respective more or less detailed analyses in the blogs --check out the in-depth previews of Australia (by Ian) and England (by Greyblazer)-- I thought I would use the time and dig myself into the blog code a little.

Owners of widescreen monitors will --hopefully-- have noticed that the blog doesn't get scattered all over the place anymore and remains nicely centred. But it should still adjust correctly to smaller screens.


Please let me know if it works. I can only encourage everybody who has at least a tiny sense of logic inside him or her to try it out and start tweaking. XML, or whatever "it" is called, is so clear and logical (errm) that I didn't have to look up a single tutorial or anything. It lies all before you waiting to get modified  hehe. There will be a few moments of d'oh, for instance when you realise why "center" doesn't work for wrappers. That was a very very big d'oh. But it's worth the effort. Of course it is recommendable to start a non-public test blog for such experiments. The sidebar has been tweaked also, some gadgets don't adopt the formatting but I'm going to look into that.

Anyway as you can sense I am heaps excited about everything, next up I'm gonna look at the variables and the... umm... bits that refer to them. Separating the dotted lines from the borders would be something for instance [edit, lol diddit].

Ahhh the little joys of an autodidact ^^

Last but not least:

Graeme Swann got asked to share his most valuable piece of advice for aspiring spin bowlers. He hopes it helps.

Happy Eggtime!



Rishabh said...

I am SO tired of HTML.

Damn ID.

Ian said...

Thanks for the link mate

Reverse Swing said...

Wesi is now a complete blogger :) congrats :P

Wes said...

Maddy I was far from complete when you wrote that :P

Rishabh I'm sorry... it gives me much joy. The HTML, not your frustration!