19 April 2010

...have you noticed?

Middlesex lost.
It wasn't exactly a thrashing, and with a batter in the line-up they would have won easily.

Rory fell off the wall.
Told you so.

Cossy won!
Must have been quite a feeling for him after the last months. The Redbacks now regret having lost the best first and second slip in the world.

Strauss was meh.
He could have walked a little earlier, but him helplessly watching his team mates scuffle off the field was Straussiliation enough for the moment.

Essex signed Chris Martin as a cover for Danish Kaneria.
The fixing is getting more blatant every day.

The Wisden Cricketer has compiled the XI Ball tamperers.
Must-read. Hilarious.

There is nothing, really nothing happening at the moment.
I wish the head of Nathan Hauritz would appear inside the ash cloud and annunciate the Age of the Square Leg.


Lou said...

Have you noticed? Deccan have wriggled their way into the top 2 at the IPL. The wonder of it. Ha, ha, ha and they opened the bowling with Mitchell Marsh against Delhi. I don't think I've ever been more surprised than when I saw him take the ball for the second over.

Wes said...

No I haven't. But obviously I have a personal Lou that keeps me updated :P Didn't know either that Mitch bowls. That Mitch.

Lou said...

He never has at first class level or List A and only 2 overs in the Big Bash, that's why them treating him as a bowler looks so odd. But he's not really stuffed up yet, so good luck to him.

Lou said...

Didn't realise it was IPL free zone. Please delete posts.

Wes said...

Lou don't worry, it only means I'm not following it/making any posts about it. Valuable info like yours is of course very welcome!