17 April 2010

Middlesex Misery - day 3 preview


Strauss top-scored. But who cares. Middlesex allowed Glamorgan to recover and collect 315, then crumbled like a streusel cake and left the hall for 160, with Simpson and Strauss being the only two batsmen to make it past 20. Only just. Glamorgan decided not to put them in again, it would make for a much more exciting show to have them frantically chase 400 on day 4. Or so was the plan. Meanwhile they are 119-6, at a lead of 274. Middlesex will ideally want to have finished them by lunch and then attempt a calm and concentrated chase. But the first digit of the target will most likely be "3". The guarantee for another neat and clean implosion.

Finn! Arrrrrrrrrrrrr! Cossy wanted to make up for the first innings duck and had just settled in when Finn attempted to stone him. One of the rocks hit Cossy's turnip, and after a few minutes he had to retire hurt on 17. The comment box reported that he also couldn't be spotted on the balcony, but if the doc says thumbs up he might still enter the ring again today.


greyblazer said...

It seems like another bad season for Middlesex as they are in huge trouble even against a weak team like Glamorgan.

Shah and Morgan coming back from IPL would help though Morgan would play matches for England.

Wes said...

Hello Greyblazer long time no see,
Owy will be fun but not as much as in his duets with Boppy :D Ah those were the times... *sigh*