28 April 2010

My stomach is turning: * Aus v Zim *

Due to the football (Bayern v Lyon, pig-out ^^) I completely forgot about the Oz warm up match against Zimbabwe, and now checking the score one has to realise that the warm up obviously turned into a downright funeral pyre for Australia!!

Holy excretion!
Zimbabwe amassed a total of 173, how the heck did they do that? Let's have a look:

Lee bowled four brilliant overs at 3.25 and scalped 1.
Mitch took 4 at 5.75... oh man
Nannes the hooved beast cruised along at 6.66

So... what happened?

Ritz leaked 12 each in the two overs he bowled. Yeah ouch. But not the ouchest.

Dan Christian, who has struggled since his inclusion in the national side, gave away 14.5 per over. 

But Watson took the biscuit:
two overs, 34 runs, 5 (!!) no balls. Watto, seriously, no matter how important that wicket was, put it up your backside.

Fittingly he went out on 2, Whacking Warner top-scored with 72 (146.93), the skipper ranks second with 49 but a miserable strike rate of about 116.66 I guess this was the knell for Oz. 
Compare this to the Zim top scorer Elton Chigumbura: 76 at 217.14, the guy must have gone berserk. His innings might also include Watto's freebies.

Haddin, Legsmith and Christian all run out, I reckon because of the panic, while Dussey and Watto both fell prey to Utseya the offie.

Eventually Oz lost the crazy chase by 1 piddling run.


No I won't translate this now

This is a really good start into the tournament and it uncovers some weaknesses Clarke has to tinker on now. Wow I am floored.

Wes o.O


Rishabh said...

We know the weakness: Clarke needs to score quicker!

Congratulations on Bayern making the final!

greyblazer said...

Clarke 49 of 42 balls lol. Zimb shouldn't have stunned the Aussies as I was about to say to with 4 spinners in the line up Zimb may upset one team in their group but before I say they have stunned Australia darn.

greyblazer said...

Zimb have a decent batting line up as they have Chigumbura, Taylor, Coventry, Taibu and Mazakadza and all those spinners.

Oh god I see that they are playing both games at Guyana! Lanka and especially NZ have to be careful as that can be a slow track.

Purna said...

It doesn't meant anything. Binga is duly injured so Bolly will fly in and then Watto doesn't have to bowl hopefully.

Wes said...

Rishabh, but Clarke doesn't know it! Yeah we, pardon, Olic, slaughtered the Lyoners (that's a type of sausage over here lol), today we're gonna find out whether the opponent in the final will be Inter or Barcelona, I hope for the Italians. We always have to take revenge on them for something.

GB it will be a thoroughly interesting tournament. If it keeps hailing shockers like this we can expect something. That's gonna be nothing for the feeble-minded *lol*

Purna unfortunately it does mean a couple of things but those can't be outspoken in public :P

Mudassar @ CricketVibe said...

And the next shocker isn't Pak v Ban on 1st May the labor day please, no I can't see this again (Remember 1999?).

or Afghns v India , sorry Dhoni I knw you will eat anyone alive if they say something like this.

Irish beating Poms, wow what a historical recipe. There is a hell lot of stuff to itch for :P

Wes said...

"(Remember 1999?)"

Yeah, sure *lol*

I agree, whoever follows the competition should fasten the seatbelt.

Peter said...

Clark - great in the tests, pretty good in the ODIs - slow in the t20s. It's not the only problem, but it's a big one

Wes said...

Hello Peter, welcome. I think he can get some calm into a wobbly innings but needs to increase the pace when needed, and this is where he has failed so far most of the times.

Rishabh said...

You did indeed get Inter, despite Pique!

Sidthegnomenator said...

And how crap was Barcelona's disallowed goal?? That was the crappest hand ball call ever.

Wait ... cricket blog; Oh yeah, Australia lost to Zimbabwe, My Lord was crap, I feel the need to defend Clarke and you all know how that makes me crazy.

Wes said...

Rish, Sid: Yes I am happy with the outcome and confident that the Lederhosen can lift the trophy.
Sid I didn't see it, oh and I don't think Clarke is useless but he needs to adapt more to the match situation.