13 April 2010


This is nothing short of a disgrace. Unthankful, ruthless, and a kick in the face of the fans. Cossy is a South Australian icon just like the frog cakes, the pie floater and the Mall's Balls. Nobody would ever think of removing those!

He may not have been the next Bradman but his cultworthy appearance posed a welcome counterpart to the Redbacks' lack of success and general paddling about at the bottom end of all possible tables.

I hope that Cossy finds a new loving home; teams who are interested in his adoption please contact the SACA. Cossy is a friendly and well-behaved little cricketer, who loves to meet new people and shows good skills in the slips. New owners should be aware of his slightly increased food costs and the need for regular agility training, but he will reward you with his loyalty, dedication and receptiveness for belly rubs.



Lou said...

He'll probably end up with the Warriors. We'll take anyone's rejects rather than build a team from our own state club comps.

I don't really get it either, though, apart from the fact that he has weight 'issues'.

Wes said...

Yeah I also used to think his stats were okay. Really weird decision. Sardonic laughter though if your prophecy turns out to be correct. I cannot really imagine Tas, Vic or NSW grabbing him... But "two other states" ? Maybe QLD are in the running as well. Yeah QLD and WA I think.

Rishabh said...

His jiggly bowling is awesome!

Suhas said...

His (batting) stats were OK? Surely the state which produced Darren Lehmann would be a bit more forgiving?

And, there's the sobering thought that NZ's current best test batsman..that bloke who was unavailable for the AUS tests..would probably not be wanted by a Sheffield Shield side.

Rishabh said...

Lol, he's already playing for Glamorgan and he got bowled by Finn second ball!

Wes said...

Yeah Rishabh rub it in nicely grrrrr :P

Suhas are you talking about Jessy Ryder haha. Yep he would get fired multiple times.