20 April 2010

Pakistan news! Cricket-related (sort of)!

You guys might have noticed that Umar Gul and Yasir Arafat were ruled out of the World T20 due to injuries. The loss hurts especially in the case of Gul, who was deemed one of Pakistan's sharpest swords in the attack.

Naturally, Pakistan managed to turn the announcement of the replacements into a huge muddle. The people involved into the practical side of the game - captain, chief selector, coach - announced that the two Mos, Sami and Irfan, would succeed. Ijaz Butt felt snubbed and immediately declared the announcement invalid. Instead of Irfan spinner Abdur Rehman will join the forces now.

Like many of us I was looking forward to seeing the TV tower running in. For once in my life I have to agree with Shahid Afridi here, who said that Irfan would have extracted remarkable bounce due to his enormous height, and could have posed a nice surprise to the opponent. Alas, Irfan hadn't been on the list of the 30 probables and has to miss out now. Very sad story. I think if Pakistan really can't come up with two good quicks maybe the ideal combination would have been Irfan / Rehman.


And now for something almost completely different:

Pakpassion have conducted a rather peculiar interview with Mohammad Asif. I can't really make much sense of it, on the one hand he is basically telling nothing, on the other hand this can be quite telling, too. But let me quote the most interesting bit:


When Pakistan's fixtures are arranged, Asif must cringe at the thought of another series in the United Arab Emirates, especially given that Pakistan are going to be playing a lot of cricket in the Middle East later this year and beyond. He was asked whether he thought he would eventually get the chance to play in Dubai or Abu Dhabi again or would he have to remain a spectator for those series.

"Of course it's frustrating as I want to play for my country all of the time. I don't want to miss any matches. The matter is being dealt with by Ijaz Butt saheb and I know he is talking to the relevant people to try and sort out the issue. Hopefully I can start playing cricket in the UAE shortly".


Umm. Seriously does anybody of you guys think that his ban will be lifted at any point in the future? I can't see that happening. Two pleas of that sort have been rejected already. What makes him hopeful that the third one might be successful? What signal would be sent out to the public in the Emirates, if the the decision was overruled? I think Pakistan will remain without Asif as long as they have to play home matches in the UAE. And that was the second sad story of the day.



Mudassar @ CricketVibe said...

This time again teams going to have some injured players out of World T20 as just recently Indian openeing power house Sehwag is again out of a major ICC event due to injury according to Cricinfo. Pakistan has lost Gul and Arafat. While other teams also have injured players but they will probably recover.

PS: Teams are also having some travelling problems due to Volcanic ash so interesting stuff building up before World T20.

Wasim said...


I have seen Irfan bowl I don't think he is ready yet he is an interesting prospect but will take about a year's time for him to be fully groomed.

Gul was out of form and Arafat didn't deserved to be in the line up in the first place, I think Razzaq, Aamer, Sami and Asif will handle the job as good as any other bowling combination PCB could have selected.

Rahman is not a bad bowler at all infact his inclusion might give Afridi another spin option if Ajmal or Hafeez failed to deliver, remember the wickets are usually slow in Windies. Most of the Pakistani's felt that we didn't needed another bowler we could have played Shazaib Hassan or Imran Nazir. But I guess Shahzaib couldn't impress the selectors in the camp and therefore wasn't selected.

Sehwag is out of the T20 WC he did played the last IPL match for DD so when and where he got injured. I think he has been dropped due to poor form his relations with Dhoni are Strained
they had a spat when Dhoni dropped Amit Mishra and then again during the last T20 WC when he didn't revealed the status of his injury properly and India couldn't replace him in time.
Interestingly his replacement Murali Vijay plays for Chennai which is also captained by Dhoni, With Gambhir and Yuvraj also out of form and Dhoni is also not in the best of form India couldn't afford another out of form batsman. Some people are raising eyebrows as why Utthappa hasn't been selected over Yuvraj singh.

Wes said...

Hello Wasim nice to see you, in the case of Gul I had one thing in mind, look, our football is also rather mediocre in unimportant matches but as soon as the tournament starts the players usually explode with adrenaline. I think this might have also fired up players that are currently a bit out of shape. I agree of course that PK have a great attack even without him.

Rishabh said...

I doubt the UAE will lift that ban. I have lived there for 19 years and when it comes to the law, they're completely unflappable and will not compromise in any way!

Purna said...


Suhas said...

I reckon Asif really shot himself in the foot as regards the UAE incident.The best he can hope for is that England offer to host more home games for Pakistan, even if they can hardly be called 'home' games.

Pity about Irfan too though if Mudassar is right he's probably a bit raw. Wonder if we'll see him when Australia play them in England later this year.

Wasim said...

The good news for Pakistan is that Akhtar is back in his top form, today he took 6 wickets against peshawar in 10 overs out of which 5 were clean bowled. In the last match he took two, he was struggling with his knee injury during the whole last year but seems like he has fully recovered from the surgery.

If he is fit Pakistan doesn't need to worry about Asif's or Gul's unavailability.

half-tracker said...

Hi Wes, I think despite the turmoil, and injuries to Gul and Arafat, Pakistan will still be a real threat in the Caribbean. Sami looked a changed man in the Australia series (he couldn't have been much worse mind), and maybe he'll take this opportunity with both hands. Razzaq and Umar Akmal will be key, too.

Wes said...

Wasim I'm looking forward to seeing him!

Half-tracker, hello and welcome!! Gonna check you out in a minute. Sami did not convince me with a lot of consistence to be honest. His 3-fer (or so) in Oz was imho Hughes-induced :P

half-tracker said...

Hi Wes, thanks for the welcome, I've added you to my blog roll too. I agree that Hughes' wicket immediately devalues Sami's effort, but it was still an excellent ball!

greyblazer said...

Sami bowled well in the first innings of the Sydney test but was back to his old ways in the second innings.

If you ask in the cricketing circles one perhaps would get the answer that he doesn't have a repeatable action and Sami has the habit of trying to bowl too quick which doesn't help.

Wes said...

"devalues" hahaha.

GB it sounds quite like a mental problem?

greyblazer said...

Sami's problem in the past has been as soon as he would see the Rawalpindi express Shoaib bowling quick he would try to match him for pace and lose his action.

He wanted to become a hero in front of people by beating Shoaib and ended up bowling rubbish lol.