9 April 2010

+ Poms! More Poms!!! +

England Cricket have introduced a plan to increase the ratio of English players in future cricket teams. The aim is not to keep overseas players out of the team by legal means, but to help homegrown players push through.

David Collier, the ECB chief executive, admits that the current system does not provide the conditions necessary to produce the desired number of quality players -especially as it also has to compensate the lack of competitive sports at schools- and sets the goal of producing "50 England-qualified cricketers under the age of 26 by 2013". The interesting details of the strategy can be read here.

I absolutely welcome this new direction and look forward to seeing more English among the English. After all, what's the point of beating the Poms, if they aren't Poms?

What? Poms that aren't Poms?

It's the Barmy Army nearly killing themselves for the good cause.

Read more about the Sport Relief challenge called "The Shirt Of Hurt" here, and have a gloat over the gallery ^^



Lou said...

That's an interesting article, Wes. Seems like pissing into the wind though, as he says himself, these players who have been brought up elsewhere are qualified for England, so what can they do?

Wes said...

Well they want to put a lot of money into all stages and age groups of the youth development, and also offer more financial incentives for emerging players... I don't remember exactly, it's in the article. They want to give English players the chance to be able to compete with those from overseas (and eventually get selected over them)

Anonymous said...

Am I the only one laughing my head off at the fact that getting into youth development to get more players is a new idea to the poms? All 25 yr olds udes to be 15 at one stage. If this is new to them they need to pull their heads out from somewhere.


Wes said...

Frau! Great to see you.

Well they obviously only just realised that it's not enough, or maybe they felt slowly being eaten up by legionnaires. I think they are pulling the emergency brake here.