5 April 2010

Rebirth all over the place! ^^

Strolling through the blog world you will realise that rebirth is a concept really difficult to explain to people who don't know what it is. Umm. But Easter is a good occasion to talk about it. Not only Christians celebrate recreation on Easter, but also atheists go mad about the re-awakening of nature, the new beginning of the circle of life. Hence the egg is one of the most popular Easter symbols.


A blog can be a symbol of rebirth, too. Only four days after I began my studies of this mysterious yet fascinating language called  HTML my first selfmade template has seen the light of day; a neat green creation that even has a name: "Night Vision". Guess why ^^

Don't tell me it's ugly. I have eyes. Don't tell me it has flaws. I know! But it's sure not finished yet and I'm gonna tweak it here and there. The best thing about it is that it has three different backgrounds, which can all be changed in the colour settings (here you can see my test blog with original template).


Let me know if you like it!


Purna said...

Oooh, very nice. You should send your design to blog...they might pay you!!!

Wes said...

Thank you Pu! But I don't think it's bug-free *lol*

Rishabh said...

Yep, that text background does make it look more organized, doesn't it?

Great tweaking!

Ian said...

Nice mate. Impressive, I'm a clueless muppet with HTML coding. Good stuff. Especially Mr. Cosgrove on the right hand side of the screen haha.

Reverse Swing said...

Excellent work Wes, this is pretty damn good.

It is just not about knowing HTML and playing with it, it is more about using it to make something pleasant and worthwhile and very few people can do it on theie own.

So Bravo.