25 April 2010

Slogfest Ante Portas: The Preview Collection ---Regular Updates---

World T20 Preview madness!!!

The blogosphere is full of Cassandras, Delphic oracles and biblical prophets, each of them giving his or her own take on the possible course of the tournament. Depending on the individual temperament people can get quite emotional over the whole event and I have to admit that it has gripped me, too, already.

Here are some previews you shouldn't miss:

(My own preview can be found here, teams are rated from 0-3)


Sid has about 80% trust in her team and she presents valid arguments for this estimation.
So valid that as an Aussie supporter you want to stick your thumbs into you ears and sing LALALA I CAN'T HEAR YOU LALALA.

Ian dissects strengths and weaknesses as well as opportunities and threats separately.  His article feels like someone is sitting on the lid of a boiling pot that is ready for a proper explosion this year!

As a contrast to the aforementioned previews, Greyblazer analyses the technical aspects of the Australian key players and looks at their suitability to the Caribbean wickets. Aussie fans should check it out!

Rahul (Snicked) thinks Australia's weaknesses lie in their inexperience and, well, the spin department.

Purna has compiled a lot of hopelessness and... hopelessness into her preview at Holding Willeys.

Greyblazer adds some more doom and gloom to the Deshi prospects; the tendency to slog it plus the unsuitable wicket in the match against Oz are their major concerns.
Hail to the Mush, though.

A more lighthearted and sanguine review is penned by Maz, he thinks about their match against Pakistan in particular.

New Zealand:
Compact overview by Suhas, who is afraid that the fragility of the NZ players might again spoil their chances.

Babar sees the Kiwis' potential in all departments of the game, but fears they are prone to collapsing and thus will still only make it to the semis.

Rahul thinks that NZ is packed with good players but they all need to click at the right time. He finds that it will be difficult for the sheepies to reach the semi finals.

Greyblazer! Finally! An ode to Scotty Styris ^^ Don't miss this one.

Wasim has unleashed an epic article about the defending World Champions and their strategy of dividing their innings into three segments.

Greyblazer's Pakistan preview is out!!! He lauds Funky Fawad :D

Babar has not the slightest doubt that Pakistan can lift the trophy.

Rahul has no doubts at all that Pakistan will march straight into the semis.

Rahul opens the the Box of the Pomdora and tells us not to underestimate the team from the Silly Island. I can only nod wisely here.

The big, detailed England preview by Greyblazer starts with a laughing Colly... we shall see ^^

Sri Lanka
Babar presents a thousand different reasons why the Lankans will slay their opponents.

Rahul is afraid that both their veterans and newbies have lost a bit of their charm recently.

Greyblazer is convinced that SL have the most suitable attack for the Caribbean wickets, but their top order needs to fire.

Greyblazer delivers a valuable, utterly insightful introduction to the current T20 team.

The first proper India preview in the list got sent in by Rahul. His team cannot resolve all doubts but he thinks they can lift the cup.

Greyblazer talks about Dhoni India! Tehehehe. His judgement: the attack may not suffice.

Maz thinks they have the home advantage on their side, but rely too much on their star performers.

Rahul warns us to be prepared for just anything!

Greyblazer hopes the home team will make it to the semis.

South Africa
HR can hardly hold his horses as he bursts in praise over the allrounding and bowling capacities of the South African side, and even sees them march straight to the final!

Rahul adds another enthusiastic preview to the list, but he doesn't like the Fire Engine^^.

Half-tracker is the first one (of who I have knowledge) to have a glimpse at one of the heaps interesting smaller teams!

Greyblazer does unfortunately not see many chances for the Afghans in their difficult group.

Positive and hopeful detailed preview by Half-tracker, makes you look forward to seeing the little green men ^^

Preview collections:
Rishabh looks at the teams group-wise, all groups are out now! He dares to criticise Scott Styris. Wash your mouth, Rishabh ^^

Boom Boom Korner, the busy cricket collective (Maz, Babar, HR), analyse the single teams in depth, many previews are out already, I would like to point out Pakistan and Sri Lanka especially!

Greyblazer promised that there's more to come. Keep your eyes open for his precise examinations!

It's Only Cricket introduce the squads briefly, use their menu on the left to navigate through the teams.

Achettup (Short Of A Length) summarises his expectations in a comprehensive preview, in which he also names his top four candidates for the throne.

The Reverse Sweep guys daringly tip India and England for the final. Whoohoo!

Eventually also Jrod has something to say about the teams, it's not much but funny.

Rahul has a quick glimpse at the "minnows".

My personal hope and tip: Australia. The combination of raw power and classical skills, the preparation via IPL as well as the expedient choice of players and their strong competitiveness can carry them far. They will fight with man and mouse, the batting line-up is full of win and the bowling might just be good enough; I also hope they can counter the opponents' spin well. Having sucked last year, they might also get underestimated by some of the more, ahem, confident teams (which shall remain anonymous for now :P). Apart from that: it is high time for them to add that trophy to their collection ^^

My personal wish is a repetition of the ODI World Cup Final and sure I wouldn't mind NZ to win either; if there is one team that deserves the trophy it is the little sheepies. I hope so much they won't get struck down by injuries again. It will be nice to see some familiar faces back in the team. If neither of these two can make it I would like to see the Saffas next. They could really need a little consolation now.

And now let's play a crazy little mind game: wouldn't it be funny if England grabbed the trophy? Stop chucking bricks at my head, they won't! But the idea amuses me a lot. The Jack-Out-Of-The-Box effect would be hilarious.

Rubbing hands in anticipation


half-tracker said...

Wes, my brief preview for the Afghans. ;)


I'm sure gb will provide a full dissection in good time!

Sidthegnomenator said...

Wes, I will happily be all wrong about Australia. I challenge them to prove me so.

Of course, if Nannes is injured to the extent that he can't play I will cry.

Wes said...

HT thanks mate added you!

Sid I only just heard of his injury from you in GB's blog. It is a catastrophe. They MUST send Bolly in. Who for Funky Fawad's sake had the brilliant idea NOT to include him? I am currently very upset about this, it didn't even occur to me that he wasn't on the list, these are such things that you actually take for granted. I mean Mitch is on it! That's... just... retarded!?!? I mean if they don't send him now after his IPL performance they must all be on crack.

half-tracker said...

I've done a more indepth one for Ireland;


I think I enjoy following the minnows more than the other teams!

Wes said...

Thank you for the tip, it's been added, keep them coming :D

Purna said...

No Aussies cannot win it! If SA dont, Bangladesh should. If not them either Ireland or Afghanistan will do.

Then the Sheepies.

Rishabh said...

Glad to be back to world cricket, hopefully of a better quality!

Wasim said...


So you are trying to give the WC based on your sympathy for certain teams:)

Wes said...

Purna, Aussies can very well! :P

Wasim, aren't we all, at least a bit ;) And Pakistan already won last year so this time it has to be someone else!

wasim said...


But that will be unfair because we only kept the trophy for 10 months. We need our full two years.

Wes said...

Wasim, I'm reconsidering :/

Ian said...

Purna, why don't you just mention every team while you're at it!

Pup and the boys will take it.
If not, for some daft reason I agree with Wes, there's something in the air regarding England. They've been to crap for too long and this could be their event...if Aus don't grab it.

Being beaten by Zim (2nd time) in the warm-up was a good thing for us. Keeps us as the dark horses of the tournament.

greyblazer said...

Greyblazer talks about Dhoni lol. Have to give credit when a player improves though.