30 April 2010

World T20: My own irrational predictions

A meek attempt by a clueless person to rate the teams in a competition in which half of the results are based on luck.

On a scale from 0 - 3

Afghanistan: 1
Sorry guys, I'm not convinced yet that you are ripe to slay the big beasts. But it would be super duper cool to see Afgh deconstruct India tehehe. I am pressing my thumbs for them. Of course I hope that they can come up with the odd surprise victory, but I can't see them leave their group.

Australia: 3
The selection muddle of the mess against Zim was sure just an accident. They should go with the line-up Ian suggests. They are one of the Behemoth teams if they select correctly, the fat batting will hopefully make up for the lack of spin. Also, they must win the tournament.

Bangladesh: 1
Breaks my heart but unfortunately I think they are in the minnows category. Starting against Pak and Aus will be their doom, unless Pak decide to "pak things up" again.

England: 3
Big. Fat. Massive. They beat South Africa in the warm ups and immediately this sour feeling from their latest adventure in SA rises again. Grrrrrrrr. The Poms are on their way to the top and even though I want to $'%&@€?$ half of the team I wouldn't mind the other half to be successful. After all, there's no Strauss. This is how schizo they make you in the head. Plus: They have 2.5 spinners. Yardy, Swann and Colly.

India: 2
Blank page to me as I haven't followed the IPL and they didn't play any warm-ups. But Sehwag and Sachin aren't playing. On the other hand they have Dhoni. Thus, 2 points.

Ireland: arghhh. 0.5
The warm-ups were disastrous. Ireland will get belted. It breaks my heart. They are so nice :(
I see them as the team with the least of the chances in this tournament pitifully. Their life depends on winning against the Windies. Can't see that happening.

New Zealand: 2
The comeback kids were doing well so far, Styris is in form, Seventoes shows his brilliance, the team also looked good in the warm-ups, albeit not playing the big animals, but Dan is a bit off track currently (?), anyway they have all my best wishes, go black sheepies!

Pakistan: 2
I am not tipping them as utter favourites anymore. The selection  so far might have been similarly experimental to the Aus one but the team is not fully set to win yet. A defeat of Bangladesh should equip them with the necessary momentum though, and Funky is on top of his game. They will unfold.

South Africa: 2.5
Got beaten by England but it was close. On paper they look pretty fat and imho they also have some selection options. Their S-weaknesses (spin and Smith) might turn out serious but they should just go for the "death by sitting down on the enemy" method. Am I too hopeful? :/

Sri Lanka: 2
Another blank page. Hyped by everyone (and I can't stand hype) but I just can't get a gut feeling of them. Beaten by South Africa in the warm-ups.

West Indies: 1.5
Potential: yup, execution: meh. I do not think the home bonus will work a great deal for them. But they have Sulie and a few hitters, and should be able to leave their group by a win over Ireland.

Zimbabwe: 2
I am tempted to give them 2.5. Wow! Strongest of the "minnows", and most underrated team of the tournament so far. They have the guts, the skills and the required player types to steamroll the opponent, they won both warm-ups against the favourites Aus and Pak! SL and NZ will be tough opponents but I can see Zim stampede straight to the second stage.

Tips for the final or the semis? No bloody clue, this is T20. I think any of the teams that got 2 or more points. Yes this would include Zim.

 This post is subject to alteration should I change my mind on something :P



Mudassar @ CricketVibe said...

So you mean

South Africa

are at top with some others behind them, well semi final line can't be without at least 2 Asian teams they are good till semi finals. SA probably will be giving up again at the last moment.

So Australia v England for a final, hoz that :D

My Wish if it is not Pakistan it should be New Zealand, England or any Minnow ( Zimbabwe? )for the sake of some fun and change lol

half-tracker said...

New Zealand did well to get home against Sri Lanka! The Lankans will be under pressure now to make it out of their group.