15 May 2010

Australia: alive! Supporters: dead!

World T20 Day 14

AUS - PAK [scorecard]

In my short career as a cricket fan I have seen many awesome T20 matches already but today that was the absolute hammer, I am currently trying to get my heart rate down to regions around 250. This format is nothing for me.


It had rained before the match, Pup boldly declared he wants to bowl.

The Taitman's body language sums up the first innings  (c) AFP
The bowlers got totally slain, the bros Pakmal took off aided by Salman, and at the end Pak stood at 191 - onehundredfrickinninetyone.
Taito is such a gem but couldn't do the work alone, Smithy took a key wicket but got taken up the backside as everybody had expected, the Nanny had a bit of a shocker day compared to his usual control that is, Watto can't bowl T20 as simple as that, and Dussey only had 4 overs. No penetration possible, the Pak batters got the silliest shots through and the spinach green mountain kept growing and growing. The field was off track, a totally unaustralian display of fumbles and stumblings, except for Dave Warner, who is simply one of the best fielders on the planet. The rest was utterly suboptimal but this also has to be accredited to Clarke's unfortunate decision at the toss. BUGGER. Seriously you couldn't watch it. Pak kept racing away, that was the most impressive batting performance I have ever seen of them. They wanted it, for everyone to see. Taito got a good last over in and there was hope this would give Oz a bit of momentum for the start of the run chase. Not an impossible task but boy, an average team can't chase that down, especially against three or four spinners and that walking blade Aamer!

Sorry for the bad English, that grey mass in my head is still wobbling uncontrolled.

Well, then. The Yellow Gladiators entered the arena, one eye on the ball and one on the scoreboard they started to attempt the impossible.

0.2 Aamer kills Warner. It does hardly get any buggerer. All hopes were resting on the wide shoulders of the opening pair and they would have needed to get Oz off to a great start.

2.3 Watto had been looking frickin good, gave Razzaq and Aamer some bat to taste, but Mo Smartypants had learnt his lesson in Oz. Keep cool and slay the blond beast. Stabbing pain in the heart of all Oz supporters.

Haddin and Clarke at the crease, looking quite good, even Pup. The spin comes on, the dreaded Ajmal and Afridi immediately tighten the screws.

7.2 Rehman, who had been included in the squad for the injured Gul, benefits from the pressure and strikes: Hads has to go. The hope keeps fading, 3 down with an asking rate of nearly 11, and no air to breathe.

8.2 Clarke out! Skipper takes skipper. Pup swings it into the nothing, already half under way. Kamran shows the reflexes of a cat and takes the bails off. The end of Clarke's gutsy day when a captain's innings would have been needed. Torn out clumps of Australian hair are sailing to the ground.

Mo Aamer, the walking blade. He comes, he sees, he slices.  (c) AFP
Cam, the saviour of mankind, and bear(er) of all hopes, strides out. The man knows his duties. He takes merciless revenge on Afridi and also hits Hafeez and Rehman on the fly-by.

12.3 More blood. Rehman claims his second victim, the power hitter Dussey marches back. Australia lies on the ground twitching in cramps. Secret speculations about the fashion in which England will slay Pak in the final.

Mussey and White, the dream couple of T20 batting, united at the crease. Ajmal and Rehman to continue, more suffocation, Rehman gets hit once. As soon as Afridi comes back the pressure is released, Muss shoves the bat down Afridi's throat (Shahid's an omnivore after all). The Pak skipper is enraged, he throws Aamer back in. Asking rate 14.

16.3 Aamer the hunter knows no mercy, he drills the spear into Bear's butt, pulls the skin off, digs his hands into the warm guts and plays with them. Blood is dripping from the eyes, ears and mouths of all Oz supporters.

Mussey, the teamgramps, at the crease with the Smithkid. Open speculations about the fashion in which Pak will get slain by England. Asking rate 16. Smitho gets a fine boundary.

17.1 Ajmal gets the kid. It becomes absolutely unwatchable. I am largely petrified, starting to punch myself without realising it. Mitch comes on. Respiratory paralysis.

Mitch strikes Ajmal for four! Keeping going like that, Mitch! Two balls later: Mussey connects! Take that! At least Oz won't go down without a fight! But it looks dark. Black. Pitch-black. As un-White as it gets. Horrid figures. Asking rate 17.

Afridi wants it all, he wants to humiliate Oz, he and his men want to take revenge for the entire summer within just 3 minutes.
Aamer back on. Two overs left.
4-2-2-2-2-4 off Aamer, Mitch survives a runout chance, still, that's just 16. Now the last over must yield 18. And Ajmal, bloody Ajmal, will bowl it. Oz can't afford a wicket and need 3 sixes. Off Ajmal!!! Vegetative state. Dead eyes staring. Mitch on strike.

19.1 Mitch gets a single! Christ how will this help????? But Muss is on strike now. 17 off 5 needed.

19.2 SIX!!!! Huss peppers it beyond the boundary! That must have been a punch into the bowler's stomach. If Ajmal starts to lose his nerves here Oz might have a chance!

19.3 SIX! &#$@%!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Goddammit Hussey you are taking me to my grave!!! Just 5 more to win, and 3 balls left! Doable, absolutely doable!!! No one, really no one wants to be in Saeed Ajmal's skin here.

19.4 FOUR! Almost caught but hits the rope! Ear deafening yells from the stands and the dug out. Pakistan are shattered, just 1 run needed with 2 balls to spare. Only a wicket can take them into the super over now.

19.5 SIX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OVER, OUT, Oz are in the final!!! Supermuss has saved the world, the storm breaks loose, the yellow army floods the field, unbelievable noise, Mussey has taken Oz to the Mini Ashes!!! After all seemed lost, and Oz were already buried 50 feet deep, Huss swung his shovel and started to dig like a champion and undug the entire Australian continent with his bare hands and brought it back to the light!

(c) Getty Images



Rishabh said...

Would you believe I was asleep? Watching the highlights now, much better for one's health.

Beggy G said...

Ris. We missed you.

Anonymous said...

Great blog, wes, I just sat there with my mouth open, I wasn't even worked up particularly following online as I think my brain was refusing to take in what was happening.

That Mussey, hey?


Christopher Poshin David said...

I still can't understand what exactly I saw!
Just got a word to describe Mike Huss - WOW!

Simply wonderful cricket finals now with Eng-Aus final!

Anonymous said...

Have you seen the highlights, Tait was somewhere out the back during the last few overs, looking as sick as a dog leaning over a rail, staring at the ground and Clarkey was hiding in the changerooms.

Some tough guys.

Mind you, I would have been passed out in the dugout under some seats, at least they were standing.


Rishabh said...

I'll be there for the finals, Beggy!
That is, if anyone else is!

greyblazer said...

I do hope no one gets Clarke out in the finals as he should bat all the overs.

Wes said...

Rishabh, hope you've enjoyed the highlights, Lou thank you for the nice words. Yes in the live stream they showed poor Taito twice. too much for his little taitnerves :(

Poshin, thanks for popping in, it's been a while!

GB for once this is not the right place to hope for an English victory! :P