18 May 2010

Bagging helps

Should have remembered that :/

Surrey v Middlesex Day 2 [scorecard]

Comparing Ramps to Sachin in a negative fashion (can you compare someone to Sachin in a negative fashion?) fired him up so much that he ended the innings on 223, carrying Surrey to 490. Not bad, brother. Dawid Malan had managed to pull the emergency brake and also cleaned up Surrey keeper Wilson. Shaun Udal finished the day with figures of 5 for 128, Berg took Spriegel and Collins bagged one, too. Only Finny the tireless workhorse remained wicketless in the first innings. Not fair!

And, yes, bagging helps! Sometimes a single negative remark is enough to get the player back in the runs (Newman, 79 at stumps) and sometimes it needs a masterfully composed and virtuously executed sledging campaign to make the guy move his butt anywhere else but the dressing room (Strauss, on 54 over night).

Strauss is clearly enjoying the company of Gary Wilson and Rory Hamilton-Brown on day 2  (c) Getty Images

Now I am worried that Strauss will keep scoring, this is not what I had intended! The ODIs are ante portas (not to speak of the Ashes) and a scoring Strauss is a bad Strauss, so maybe I should apply reverse psychology and start talking him up?

And as we are talking about Strauss and the ODIs, there is a heaps interesting post by Sam Collins at The Wisden Cricketer about Strauss' ODI captaincy now that Colly won the T20 World Cup with a new, aggressive approach, and Strauss has been absent from the team for a long time and not scored a lot of runs either.  Has our favourite urn stealer become dispensable? Oh please no, it would break my heart. I need him like Jrod needs Hauritz, like IND needs PAK, like Poms need Krauts...

Please Straussy, don't leave, just walk...


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