4 May 2010

Bahh Bahh Black Sheep

World T20 Day 5 Pt 1

Zim got shockingly bundled out within 15.1 overs for 84 after a good start, 3-wicket-overs each for McNullum and Scotty Styris, Vettori killed twice.
Given the water wall looming near the ground Utseya tightened the screws right away, brought himself and Ray Price on, but Guptill and McBullum comfortably testbatted their team to a D/L victory, Scoopy-Doo popped his head out just once. An attempt to resume play after the shower was eventually cancelled.

Hell will I be happy to leave this dreadful ground!

So NZ, WI, SL and IND are through to the Super 8. Now it's still England and Ireland battling for the second spot today, and SA-AFGH and AUS-BAN tomorrow (Ian will have his chat up again and Pakistan will follow this match with Argus' eyes). SA and AUS need to get on here if we want to see some good battles in the next round.

Plus: England MUST win or I will stop following this farce of a competition and instead write one post each about every single run Mark Cosgrove makes for Glamorgan.



GreenJJ said...

Well the bloody weather ruined another good game tonight. I think England would've won tonight, but Ireland should feel hard done by in a tournament scheduled during Guyana's rainy season. Yes, I am going to keep bleating on about the stupidity of that. Can't wait to read your run-by-run blog on Fatty Cosgrove (yeah yeah, people in glass houses etc etc).

Wes said...

Ha! I've only just escaped this fate by the teeth of my skin, but thanks for your anticipation!