30 May 2010

Ball-Tampering With Yak Butter: Strictly Illegal

Many of you will probably not have heard about Nepal as an upstriving cricketing nation. Roaming the ICC audio page I came across this utterly heartwarming interview with Nepal captain Paras Khadka, who introduces the listener to the enthusiasm and dedication of the players and fans, but also the problems and future challenges Nepal cricket will have to master. Listen to this wonderful interview to find out more about this fascinating little cricket team:

And now I have a real gem for you, the following music video was created by Cricket Nepal in collaboration with the Nepalese tourism board as a contribution to the ICC's 100th anniversary celebration, the song is performed by the popular Nepalese singer Pramod Kharel:

Mero desh pyaro nepal by Pramod Kharel

If anybody finds a complete version in good quality please let me know!

For more information and updates on Nepal cricket check out these blogs:

More footage! Thanks@Half-Tracker (Hants Blog) for the tip.
A short documentary by Aljazeera. Nice!


Shridhar Jaju said...

Hey Wes, I didn't know you follow the smaller cricketing nations as well...

You could always follow Cricinfo's 'Beyond the Test World' blog if you like...

Wes said...

Hello Shridhar, there are so many smaller teams worth following but you would need five parallel lives to keep track of all of them :( Thank you for the tip, I will check it out!

half-tracker said...

Wes, there's this video from youtube, about Nepal cricket. Enjoy!


Wes said...

Thank you HT, I've added it!