19 May 2010

*bangs head against desk* / Stumps

Surrey v Middlesex Day 3 [scorecard]

Surrey 490
Middlesex 237/5 (67.0 ov)

1-163 Newman (91) - triggered the collapse
2-177 Shah (3) - hmmm :/
3-220 Strauss (92) - no century for Strauss either
4-230 Dexter (9) - pity
5-236 Simpson (2) - death by a RHB ripper

Malan (24*),  Berg (1*)


Middlesex have squirmed free of the certain draw and are forcing a decision now. Whoohoo.

Update Stumps:

Surrey 490 & 165/2 (42.0 ov)
Middlesex 324

Surrey bowled well, Dernbach grabbed 5, Middlesex all out by tea, Gareth Berg (45*) fought grittily against the windmills, but aided he was not, except by Finny (18); the partnership of these two last man standing nearly allowed Middlesex to escape the follow-on.

Surrey did not enforce the latter and are batting again, with Ramps (86*... I smell another ton) and Rory (5*) at the crease. Finny took the consolation wicket of opener LJ Evans (7) but Evans' partner Harinath (63) ganged up with Ramps and could only be removed by Owais.

Hopes for a draw,


GreenJJ said...

Very annoyed that yet another last wicket partnership frustrated Surrey's bowlers, that must be the third time this season that's happened! I know it can happen, bat being flung around and all, but it sucks! Ramps needs to get the 14 runs he needs for his hundred and RHB needs to batter some quick runs (which he's proved quite adept at this season) and who knows what could happen!? I know: a draw.

Wes said...

Well, you knew it ;)