2 May 2010

The captain leaves the bridge

This post has to be, otherwise I will burst.

Dictator Jamie Axe keeps ravaging the Redbacks ranks. After unforgivably  marooning Mark Cosgrove in the dark forest he has now also given Dan Cullen the boot and stripped Graham Manou of the captaincy. I somewhat understand the logic that after last season's complete disaster in the serious formats something has to happen. But putting all the blame on Manou seems a bit like searching for a scapegoat. Those painful defeats were well-composed team efforts. And due to the shortness of my career as a cricket tragic I can't even imagine the team under anybody else's leadership than his. Hopefully he is taking the decision lightly.

But things can't be undone now and one must look into the future. Cricinfo exclaims:

"Corporal Klinger promoted to captain"

Well of course I couldn't help snickering about that headline and it immediately sweetened the sour taste left by Manou's axing. For those of you who aren't old enough to still remember the 80s: Corporal Klinger is a character from the American cult tv series M*A*S*H.

Anyway Klinger is The Man in SA, this is the team where his career started to flourish and he eventually bagged the "State Player Of The Year" award twice in a row. I wish him all the best and hope that he can help the Redbacks not to finish the next season at the bottom of the table again.


Fergie has been promoted to vice captain! This basically means: he lives, he breathes, he's coming back.

Okay, okay.
Now back to the World T20.


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